Thursday Shenanigans

I woke up yesterday in a pretty darn good mood.  Had a funny conversation with a great friend who always makes me laugh and brightens my day - *cough*Shirley*cough* then was off to start my work day.  Walking to work was amazing, the cool crisp Autumn air was uplifting and I smiled all the way … Continue reading Thursday Shenanigans

Birthday Weekend

The best part of my birthday is that it falls around a 3 day weekend so I usually get three days to celebrate. Ok who am I kidding, I celebrate for about a week, I'll be honest. This year, our first in Japan was a really great time. It started out on Friday, we went … Continue reading Birthday Weekend

Trick Or Treat and… Ted?

Yes, I know it's July. This is a cool little restaurant right in the middle of Roppongi (the happening night life part of Tokyo) which is decorated rather like a horror show.  There are candle chandeliers hanging from a black ceiling, dark wood furniture and some horror film characters set about.         … Continue reading Trick Or Treat and… Ted?