Diana-ness – 2020

2020 Update:

An American currently living in America.  Sounds stupid eh?  But it has been 7 years since we have lived in America so it’s something to say that.

The Stats:  Married in March 2012 to a man I spent 9 years loving.  We spent 2011 apart but found our way back to each other and sealed the deal in Las Vegas at the Little White Wedding Chapel drive thru window on the motorcycle.  I am an extremely proud Navy Officer’s wife (He’s an LDO – Mustang), wicked Stepmother to two polar opposite young adults and now a Nonna – Grandmother of a beautiful baby girl.

Admitting It:

  • I’m a geek, fully admit it.  I read fantasy/sci fi and romance novels and dabble in gaming, some comics/graphic novels and give a little now and then to kickstarter comics and such.
  • I enjoy bloody MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) sports and am a Denver Broncos, Storm and Boba Fett fan.
  • I own a small but lovely and always growing collection of daggers and knives.
  • I have tattoos and plan to get more.  It is my way of illustrating my identity.  The ink on my body all has special meaning and I am confident that in 20 years there will still be no regrets on this.
  • I am a gypsy at heart.  Love to travel and explore and after a couple of years living in one place I tend to get antsy.
  • New Addition to my hobbies and loves:  I started using a planner and really enjoy decorating it but mostly it helps me remember things because my memory is shit so it keeps me on track…as much as it can.

Why do I blog?  My way of documenting the big change of living overseas (and now the move back), things happening in my head and in my life and to mark events I want to remember and share with family.  It has expanded to my health and fitness diary and other odds and ends.

The Main Neurosis:  Due to some of the blogs I follow it has come to my attention that there is a neurotic need within me to have approval, be accepted and acknowledged. On the flip side it is embarrassing to me to have anything I do be pointed out – positively or negatively.  I crave it but it embarrasses me at the same time.  I have not gone to a therapist about this, it’s simply part of my personality.

I accept my neurosis and sincerely hope you do as well!  (obviously)

(edited just to update it a bit)

36 thoughts on “Diana-ness – 2020

  1. Wow — sounds like this is the start of a great adventure! Looking forward to tagging along vicariously through your blog. Congrats on finding your love and having the courage to begin the adventure. Cheers!

    1. Thanks for the comment and hope you enjoy following along, I’ll try to keep it interesting or in the least y’all can watch me stumble Japanese style. =)

  2. Neat blog! I envy you having the chance to explore Japan. I particularly am fascinated by their tea gardens… lucky you!

    Thanks also for sucking up the whole ‘military spouse’ thing. It’s unfair most of the time.

    1. Thanks, I appreciate being a military spouse and supporting the military in general. The key is being flexible and compromising…plus being a gypsy at heart helps with all of the moving around. 🙂 I haven’t been to a tea garden yet but it’s on my list of things to do.

  3. After reading your “about”, I’m even more excited about being here! We’ll get along great, I’m sure.

    I love and respect the military, and love and respect tattoos (although have none), I love unique individuals, and most importantly, I love helping others, like you do with WIC. I admire you already.

    Ok, enough gushing about you. I read about that part too 😉

  4. Your self-reflection and the paradoxes you describe are comfortingly familiar.

    “Illustrating your identity” is also embarking me on an exploration of your blog to find pictures of the ink!

  5. Stopping by from BBW and will be following you via Bloglovin! I’m living in Germany myself, I love my tattoos and I love putting colors in my hair although my traditional husband makes that a bit difficult. 🙂 Looking forward to following along.


  6. Pffft, officer’s wife. However, I have found that officer wives typicall fall into one of two categories: Super bitchy, fake, trophy wives, or completely badass, nerdy hard working chickas. I’m guessing you fall in the smaller, underrated category of badass nerd.

    I’m an enlisted airman’s wife. Military life sucks sometimes. And teenagers? Eeeeeek!


    1. lol I’m in a third category…LDO’s wife. He spent 16 years as enlisted (well about 7 of those we were together) then he was chosen for Officer so I’ve seen both sides. 😀

      Thanks for the vote of badass nerd, hope I live up to both.. hehe

  7. I found you at Aussa’s and decided to follow you because of the way you use language. Then, when I visited here, I knew that was an aussome decision on my part. I look forward to getting to know you better.

  8. Thank you for following us over Strange World with Dr. Mortimer Schnub. We look forward to reading your blog as well!

    When I say we I mean Anthony Cortez aka: Dr. Mortimer Schnub (the writer) and Michelle Cortez aka: the wife (the editor/marketer/webmaster/and everything else).

    1. Thank you for the comment. Your site is so interesting and I enjoy your kind of wit. Looking forward to reading more of it. I didn’t have much time to do so this morning.

  9. Can’t think why it’s taken me so long to get here, DD. I accept your neuroses and flippantly approve of your wordsmith skills anyway (flippant being my attempt not to embarrass). Hitting *Follow* next. Respect REDdog

  10. OMG. “I enjoy bloody MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) sports and am a Denver Broncos, Storm and Boba Fett fan.” Me, too! *Shreeeeekkkk!*

    Actually, I prefer Psylocke, more, but 3 out of 4 is pretty damn good and specific. Hahahhaa.

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