My Bookmarks

After such a rather serious post yesterday, I had a spontaneous thought when glancing at my bookmarks today.  I’m very slowly gathering a nice little collection and hope to add to it.

Since adulthood I have never turned down or marked inside a book (text books exempt) just because I personally like to keep books in good condition but there is something to be said for a book that looks like it has been read many times, adds character don’t you think?

My reading has changed a lot recently.  I’ve ventured into different genre so I thought I’d designate the bookmarks.


The first on the left was sent from my penpal (yes I have a no kidding pen to paper, snail mail penpal) in London.  She sent me a little care package with all things London.  This I will use for books set in Europe and probably any mystery/crime novels since it instantly reminds me of Sherlock Holmes.

Next is a beautiful bookmark that came in a subscription book box.  This will mark books based in nature.  Woods, mountains, ocean, seaside, etc. and I think for Contemporary novels that don’t fall in the other categories.

The middle marker is from many years ago.  This will be used for historic books, non-fiction and biographies though I don’t read much of them.

The white with flowers marker is from Japan.  It is cloth and petite.  This marker will be used for Romance and books based in Asia or of Asian influence.

The bookmark on the right is from Prague and my most recently acquired.  This will be used for SFF – SciFi / Fantasy books because if you have ever been to Prague it looks to be straight out of a Fantasy novel with ornate ironwork, bridges, castle and ancient architecture.


If you would like to share how you mark your place in books, please leave a comment.  Do you think it says something about a person on how they hold places?  Do you fold over corners?

Separately, what do you think of the new blog design?  Good, Bad, Ugly?


The Codex Alera Book Review

It’s been ages since I did a book review, you probably think I haven’t been reading eh?  Not so, in fact I do have my GoodReads account pinned to the side panel if you are interested in what I’m reading at any given time (when I remember to update it hehe).

2015 had me reaching back to my love of Science Fiction and Fantasy Fictions.  We were visiting the U.S. and couldn’t resist the Barnes and Noble – one thing I do miss being in Japan.  I love a good browse in a bookstore.  This time I found Furies of Calderon, the first in a six part series called The Codex Alera by Jim Butcher.  Figured I would grab the first book and if it was good I’d keep going through the series and man am I glad I made that spontaneous grab. (I mentioned the series in a post a while back Plans In The Making)

Obviously, the first book grabbed me enough to want to continue with the next and just yesterday I finished book six.  For me, a good story is one that I can lose myself in and actually visualize.  It’s just how my brain works which is a bit odd because for crafting and such I can’t visualize finished products which is the main reason I don’t paint, sew, knit, make pottery or anything else very creative.  I just can’t look at tools of a trade and see how it will become a finished thing.  Though if I have instructions I can usually produce whatever is shown, I just can’t freehand things.  With good books, the creative and often stagnant part of my brain wakes up from it’s coma and ignites and this particular series had my brain fired up.

The descriptions of characters, surroundings, emotions, reactions and thought processes were a perfect recipe for me to fall in completely.  I loved the alien aspects mixed with very human and somewhat familiar and the author obviously has a lot of familiarity with battle strategies, armor and weaponry…or maybe he and I just have similar ideas of what that might entail.  Also, when an author creates a world and actually supplies a map of it in the front of the book, I am in love.

This series was a bit of genius to me and I think Mr. Butcher’s imagination is a beautiful thing.

2016 has me on two book challenges/clubs, which I mentioned here, one which dictates which book to read and the other which I think will challenge me to read different types of books so it is possible the sci fi/fantasy books will be on hold for a bit but when I do return to the genre you can be sure I will pick up another Jim Butcher book, perhaps The Dresden Files series although there are so many books in it, I am hesitant.

Autumn Plans in the Making

My first job was at Karmelkorn, you know, the flavored popcorn place in the mall food court?  I was 15 and the owner was the spouse of someone my Dad worked with.  It was a great job, I went after school and some weekends and was earning my own money.  My parents co-signed for a bank account for me and I felt all adult and responsible.

It was then I decided every year on my birthday to gift myself something.  It doesn’t have to be anything major but sometimes it was.  A nice piece of jewelry, an expensive bag or shoes.

With my birthday approaching I decided to simply place an Amazon order of a few things I’ve been wanting but not wanted to throw money at.

The order is in.  Clicking on the photos below takes you to more information about each, if you are curious.

First up, I’ve been wanting a nice eye shadow palette without breaking the bank and decided on the Lorac Pro.  It is getting great reviews and the shades are very much what I wear every day.


Really nice!

Second, Not really a birthday present to me but it was in my basket to purchase, it’s the third book in a series I am reading.

Cursor’s Fury (Codex Alera, Book 3) by Jim Butcher


I am really enjoying this series, the first book had me in it’s grip and I am half way through the second and it’s a win so far!  This is Science Fiction with a bit of historic battle weaponry and tactics – medieval type.  It is a field day for my imagination.

Third, another makeup item which I found here at our Navy Exchange but they were sold out and I found it on Amazon for about $3.00 less…so WIN!

Infallible® Pro-Spray & Set Makeup Extender Setting Spray

setting spray

I’m also hearing great things about this spray and with the heat and humidity in Japan and Hawaii I think this will come in handy to keep my makeup in place.

Fourth, and this is the big one.  I’ve been wanting a ruby ring in my jewelry case.  It doesn’t have to be super fancy or even gold/white gold just a nice, pretty ring.  After searching a bit, I think I found a good one and the price is under $100 for a real ruby in a silver setting.  Works for me.  Maybe one day I will upgrade to white gold or platinum but I’m not snobby about that.

ruby ring

1.02 Ct Oval Red Ruby 925 Sterling Silver Ring

The filigree resembles my wedding rings a bit and I think will go well on my right ring finger.  I hope!

–>   A little bonus item thanks to Yamanashi Kei for reminding me of my teenage favorite book, I ordered it for my Kindle so I can read it again.  I may buy the book again for my shelf one day.  Diana The Huntress


Plans set for Autumn in Japan:

In September we are going on a trip we did last year that we really enjoyed, enough to book it again.  The Nanadaru Hot Springs and Joren Waterfall tour.  I’m really looking forward to this tremendously.  More fresh wasabi treats and beautiful scenery!

In October we will be taking a trip to Hiroshima.  The husband and I have this on our must do before we leave so when we saw the tour we jumped on it.  Rather than taking the Bullet train ourselves we figured the tour would be better for this one even though it’s a very long bus ride.  We will do the bullet train possibly to Osaka instead…don’t have that planned yet.

Also in October we have a quick trip to Guam planned.  I have never been and the husband has people there we want to visit.

In November, we are planning to book a trip to Thailand, hopefully will have that worked out this week.  Also, doing OzzFest in Chiba (next to Tokyo) where a lot of bands we really dig will be playing.  Click OzzFest to see the lineup.

Things are stacking up and it is feeling like crunch time, we don’t want to leave Japan!