My Bookmarks

After such a rather serious post yesterday, I had a spontaneous thought when glancing at my bookmarks today.  I’m very slowly gathering a nice little collection and hope to add to it.

Since adulthood I have never turned down or marked inside a book (text books exempt) just because I personally like to keep books in good condition but there is something to be said for a book that looks like it has been read many times, adds character don’t you think?

My reading has changed a lot recently.  I’ve ventured into different genre so I thought I’d designate the bookmarks.


The first on the left was sent from my penpal (yes I have a no kidding pen to paper, snail mail penpal) in London.  She sent me a little care package with all things London.  This I will use for books set in Europe and probably any mystery/crime novels since it instantly reminds me of Sherlock Holmes.

Next is a beautiful bookmark that came in a subscription book box.  This will mark books based in nature.  Woods, mountains, ocean, seaside, etc. and I think for Contemporary novels that don’t fall in the other categories.

The middle marker is from many years ago.  This will be used for historic books, non-fiction and biographies though I don’t read much of them.

The white with flowers marker is from Japan.  It is cloth and petite.  This marker will be used for Romance and books based in Asia or of Asian influence.

The bookmark on the right is from Prague and my most recently acquired.  This will be used for SFF – SciFi / Fantasy books because if you have ever been to Prague it looks to be straight out of a Fantasy novel with ornate ironwork, bridges, castle and ancient architecture.


If you would like to share how you mark your place in books, please leave a comment.  Do you think it says something about a person on how they hold places?  Do you fold over corners?

Separately, what do you think of the new blog design?  Good, Bad, Ugly?


Itches Of A Geek

There are two things I itch for periodically.

1.  A new Tattoo.  As most will tell you, they are addictive and I go in to full on itch for a new one often and I have a few ideas waiting to be dug into my skin forever.  Usually, I sit it out and wait for the itch to pass, otherwise I’d be covered by now and I only have four to date.


2. Gadgets – of the Technological variety.  I have an itch right now to get a tablet.  I don’t need one.  I have a laptop, a Kindle PaperWhite and a smartphone so I’m pretty well covered for portable computing but I desperately want a tablet!  Specially since I started blogging.  I wonder if it would mean I could blog while on the go more.  Or would it just be cumbersome to carry?  Might be great for trips, instead of lugging the gaming laptop I have around.  I’d love to be able to sit at a cafe’ with my tablet and a cappuccino and just enjoy the day. (which is also why I wanted the kindle – to read at a cafe’.  I’m twisted I know.)


Now that I’m working and have an income again, small as it is, the craving for these increases.  I know I should start putting some money away or use it for gifts for others, Christmas is just around the corner, but damnit!  I want !  I told my husband to use my paycheck to help pay down the credit card but he keeps saying, no it’s for you to use for your stuff.  Then I think well I should save for trip money, would be nice to go back to the states at some point in the next couple of years.  I also want a few pricey kitchen gadgets as well.   But, honestly how much is a tablet, $500?  doesn’t seem like that would cut too much in to my trip funds.  Not for long anyway…  Round and round I go!