Time and Energy

I have a fantastic vacation to report about but there's so much going on right now I'm just not focused in enough to do the trip justice. With work and trying to squeeze in life stuff, the next couple of weeks is going to be crazy busy. Ozzfest concert series this weekend! I feel bad … Continue reading Time and Energy

Finally Fuji-San

This was not how I intended to meet Mt. Fuji.  Two and a half years ago I had planned to hike to the summit of this iconic and beautiful World Heritage site at some point during our 3 years here. Last year I planned to hike it with my husband and his daughter, I was simply … Continue reading Finally Fuji-San

Sisterhood of the World Blogger Award Thingy

I was nominated by skinjolee for the below "award": I don't normally do these but in an effort to support her and her new blog where she is documenting the progress of treating her hormonal acne, I'll be happy to answer her questions below. Questions She is asking: 1. What are your top 3 makeup … Continue reading Sisterhood of the World Blogger Award Thingy

Diana’s Fit Club Diary – Entry 7

Day two had me walking/jogging for 20 minutes around the neighborhood.  It felt pretty good really but man I am out of shape.  It was a couple of minutes jog then a few minutes walk, repeat.  Hoping the next run will have me jogging more than walking. Yesterday, Day three on the challenge called for … Continue reading Diana’s Fit Club Diary – Entry 7