2015 – Ready…. GO!

Well February has arrived and I’m happy to note 5 pounds have come off and I have just started going back to the gym.  This is not a New Years Resolution kind of thing but more a re-focus and get back into the swing of things I was doing towards self-improvement prior to getting lazy late last year.

On the flip side, we just had bothersome news that my step-daughter has made a decision not to move out with us, which we are still getting over the shock of.

New Years Eve was interesting, disappointing, lovely, fun and memorable.  Our original plan was to train up to Tokyo, check into the hotel, grab some food, head to the pub where we would bring in 2015 with our favorite local band as we did last year.

What we ended up doing was train up to Tokyo, check into the hotel – which was really lovely, decor of early 1900’s French gothic style and everything smelled of flowers but not in an overly, nauseating kinda way.


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After checking in, we decided to grab a nap, we anticipated a pretty late night.  A couple of hours later we made our way to Shinjuku, the area of Tokyo that held the pub.  Without too much trouble we found it and descended into the basement of a building (not uncommon) to see what kind of place this was and grab a drink.  It was almost 11:00 pm at this point so we thought people would be crowded in there already catching the bands playing.

The pub was a dud.  The cover was an obnoxious 2,000 yen each (about $20 each) and when we entered it was standing only (which I wouldn’t mind too much if it was a good venue) and the room was about the size of my living room with a bar on one end and a tiny stage on the other end.  My husband ordered a beer and by the time he finished it we were both ready to bail out on it and the maybe 10 people that composed the “crowd”.

So, to Jon and the band we really wanted to rock out 2014  and bring in 2015 to, we apologize.

Well then, we figured jump back to Shibuya and catch the fun in the crosswalk area.  Not to happen either, the po po decided to lock down the intersection because last year it got too rowdy.  Ok…heading to The Hobgoblin, they should have a drink and a smile at least.  It was 11:15 at this point so we needed to land somewhere quick.

The Hobgoblin is a British style pub chain in Japan which ended up being a fantastic time.  It was crowded but not packed in and I actually was able to nab a stool and spot to put our drinks down.  Then a four man pub band got up and sang us in to the New Year.  Drinks and fun people watching that night!

New Years Day, the tradition in Japan (well, one of them) is the Lucky Bags!  Merchants and such put out gift bags that you purchase for a set amount and often have no idea what is inside or only a hint.  The rule is the value of the contents is at least twice what you paid.  We didn’t partake of this tradition last year so I wanted in on it this time.  It was a blast!  Much like Black Friday in the States but not quite that crazy of course, Japanese are more respectful.  We ended up with some great loot!

lucky bags lucky lootPeople spend serious money on bags.  I only spent about $80 total, some places had bags for over $100 into several hundred/thousand for high end jewelry, computer stuff, etc.  I stuck with cute hair clips and jewelry, rice crackers, wine and cheese and socks/hose, makeup/nail stuff.  It was fun and I give a ton of kudos to my husband for tolerating that madness.

Not much else went on during January, except helping to throw a fun baby shower for my friend who is due in early March!


Highs and Lows

January has brought a lot of high points and some disappointing lows.

High:  We have been pet sitting a ferret the past week and it’s been so much fun.  He’s the sweetest, best tempered ferret I’ve ever seen.  Yes, he gets into things and he poops on our floor but can’t blame him.  He’s in a new place and he doesn’t have his big cage to go in.

Low:  He goes home soon and we are going to miss him a lot but we aren’t in a position to get a pet at this point but he’s really making us want one.

High:  Lots of things to photograph this month including the ferret, a baby shower I helped put together for my friend and nights out.

Low:  My cell phone was crashing a lot and I couldn’t take many photos.  Picked up the replacement today so hopefully I can start getting more photo memories going.

High:  Planning a trip in a couple of weeks back to the states, will visit the parents and some friends.  Get to drive my car for a couple of days, been a couple of years!

Low:  Visiting a grieving friend which will be hard.

High:  We are going skydiving during this trip!

Low:  We are going to be jumping out of a perfectly good airplane on this trip!  😀

High:  Spending a few days with family and friends I have missed will be wonderful.

Low:  Not long enough

High:  Got to Skype with my friend last weekend, always fun!

Low: Last few weeks since Christmas have flown by and I have failed in making phone calls to my parents and my grieving friend which has been on my “Things to Work On in 2015 List”… Calling more often.

High:  Lost a few pounds since Christmas just by cutting portion sizes a bit and chasing a critter around.

Low:  Plantar Fasciitis in my right foot is incredibly uncomfortable and a new addition to my list of ailments.  Hopefully, it will go away soon now that I’m stretching it more.

High:  Loving Japan

Low:  Counting down now to when we leave Japan (we don’t know exactly when yet).  We like it so much that a year plus is too close.

High:  the Step-daughter wants to come out to live with us.

Low:  Her mother is working her evil magic on her and putting ideas in her head to keep her there.


Woke up not feeling well this morning, hoping this is just exhaustion from chasing a little shitter around for a week.

Oh and I’ve decided this year I will be focusing on not complaining so much, internally or vocally.  Time to shut up and fix it.

The Result of Scoffing at My Cold

Well, I put my cold on the back burner to try to enjoy the holidays (I’ll do a post on our New Year celebrations soon) per my previous post and the following was the result:

Bronchitis – oh yes, the hacking, vile, disgusting, mucus-filled coughs that at one point had me vomiting and at other points had me pissing my pants.  Yes, I admit it.  It’s funny now, then it was not so funny.

I visited the doctor this morning and got my antibiotics so hoping this will clear up very quickly.  Took tomorrow off from work for the coughing to go away then back to the grind Wednesday.  Hopefully by this weekend I’ll be back to my old sarcastic, silly self.

When this clears up I will:

1.  Get back in the gym and hit it hard, my goal is another 30 pounds off in 2014 and the short term goal of fitting in one of my dresses again by April which is when our Submarine Ball kicks off.

B.  Get the house in order and start a daily habit of cleaning up more.

3.  Daily quiet time, hopefully becoming meditation hour.

d.  Cut Carbs a LOT and get a better grip on the sweets.

5.  Clear out the clutter and finish the guest room.

These are NOT resolutions, these are ongoing goals that I’m working on.  Being sick this past month has simply made it so it’s about the same time that I am reaffirming my goals.  I don’t like the new year’s resolutions, they seem to be doomed from the start.

Well then, Happy New Year to you and may 2014 serve you well.