January Notes

I started 2019 in physical therapy for my left ankle which I sprained and had me rather off my feet for a bit.  After a few sessions I already feel more stable on it and went for a decent walk this morning.  I felt a bit of an ache now and then and out of practice but it was needed.  I hate going into a new year basically on my ass and my health deteriorating.

Reading so far has been great, I’m on my fourth book and so far all have been enjoyable novels.  I have one I’ve put down for now but will continue it when I’m more in the mood.  It’s a good story just wasn’t the right time.

The blood moon brought me into a year of spiritual focus.  I really want to dive in to my own rituals and define my space, physical and personal.

A video chat with a wonderful friend helped me connect to a world I have been missing lately, the community and friendships back in America.  I truly appreciate that we live abroad and wouldn’t change it but sometimes I miss connecting with people I have something in common with.  Not much of that here.

Travel so far is looking like a trip to Scotland again but this time we are taking a side trip up to Isle of Skye.  Then a solo trip for me to Wales.  Likely our annual trip to Sicily in September and Oktoberfest later in September.  Otherwise we aren’t quite sure because we may have people visiting some this year so we are waiting to see how that plays out.  I would like to get in some small trips to Northern Italy, we haven’t been to Florence or Venice yet and I still want to do a train trip to Verona and Padua (can you guess why these two towns?  Comment if you know the reference).

How has your year started?

My mantra for this year is:  Better Health, Better Habits

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