Quiet Time Update

It has been a bit since my last post, just enjoying the colder months and taking care of a few things.  We have not done any travel since December.

Back in December I sprained my ankle again pretty badly so my husband pushed me to do physical therapy to strengthen the ankle and work on my balance.  In January I started a 6 week stretch of physical therapy that rather kicked my butt.  While strengthening my ankle the exercises I was doing hurt my hip.  My hips have been a problem most of my life which I did physical therapy for years ago and learned special stretches and such to take the edge off the pain.  The stretches didn’t help this time so I’ve been suffering a bit.

ankle sprain

With that though towards the end of the sessions and with a stronger ankle I started walking for exercise again a few times a week and feel healthier, though still dealing with pain.  Suck it up right.

The combination of the holidays then the sprained ankle put 10 pounds on and my diabetes shot up so I had to get back in the game again.  In February I lost those 10 pounds and am working on another 10.  My balance on the cobblestone roads is much better and the hip is still a bit sore but manageable again.

Things are looking up in that area which is a big positive boost and I have the next trip booked!  In a few weeks I’ll be flying to Liverpool and exploring North Wales for a week.  I’m super excited about it and will be meeting up with a group I used to game with who live in that area.

Spring has arrived in Italy, flowers are blooming, days are seeing warmer temperatures and nights have lost the bitter cold bite.   Our wedding anniversary is next week, 7 years and going strong.  Ostara will be here soon (March 20-21), the Spring Equinox and all the lovely sounds, colors, smells, allergies and bugs of the season.

grunge fabric
Borrowed from http://www.michaelmichail.com/merry-ostara/

2 thoughts on “Quiet Time Update

  1. Nice to see you back here! And I’m glad you’re feeling better after so much trouble. Age is a horrible thing, I am sadly discovering. Wales sounds great, though. Something to look forward to.

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