Spring Time Adventures

The first week of March I began feeling the crunch of time, time getting away from me.  It marked the final year of our time in Japan.  Everything from that point forward will be the last chance to do something (seasonal) while we are here. The last Cherry Blossom (Sakura) season: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I busted my … Continue reading Spring Time Adventures

Changing Habits (not the nun type)

I'm not sure where the habit started or the reasoning for it but for most of my adult life I have waited, procrastinated perhaps, cleaning up.  Now, just to clarify, my house is not a pig pen but it could be kept better.  I tend to wait till the counter is full to do the … Continue reading Changing Habits (not the nun type)

Sakura Season 2015

Time again for the Cherry Blossom season.  The flowers only last a week or two so getting out to enjoy them has to be timed right.  It is the Japanese custom to picnic under the trees, they call this Hanami. A few people have spoken highly of a Temple not far from Yokosuka which has … Continue reading Sakura Season 2015

Japanese Progress Fail

Two years living in Japan and I struggled with shopping in town yesterday.  The sales person was patient and we figured each other out eventually but it took a while.  I knew a couple of Japanese words so she said "Oh speak Japanese?"  I said only a little bit, to my embarrassment and dismay.  Several … Continue reading Japanese Progress Fail

Three Week Re-Charge

Game On! Ok yes I know it's really more like Summer but for reasons I can't say or I'd have to kill you, I have a three week window right now - starting this afternoon - to do with as I fairly well please other than the four days a week when I have to … Continue reading Three Week Re-Charge

Exploring Japan-Photo Essayish

Between doing paperwork for my new job and receiving/unpacking our household goods ie furniture and such.  Yay we have the t.v. set up !  Honestly, we don't watch a lot of television but somehow having it connected felt like a milestone in our feeling at home here.  I can't explain that but there it is. … Continue reading Exploring Japan-Photo Essayish

Vernal Equinox

There are a few times during the year when holidays and festivals of many faiths overlap.  The Spring Equinox is one of them.  A quick breakdown of a few of the religious and local celebrations: For many Pagan paths it is Ostara - the Sun God awakens and begins his travel across the sky.    His … Continue reading Vernal Equinox