Exploring Japan-Photo Essayish

Between doing paperwork for my new job and receiving/unpacking our household goods ie furniture and such.  Yay we have the t.v. set up !  Honestly, we don't watch a lot of television but somehow having it connected felt like a milestone in our feeling at home here.  I can't explain that but there it is. … Continue reading Exploring Japan-Photo Essayish

A New Chapter in Life

So it begins today, our new chapter in a new place. The last 10 years we have moved several times but always domestic, from one coast to the other.  Today we break that chain and catch a 12 hour flight to Japan to live and experience a very different way of life.  I can't fully … Continue reading A New Chapter in Life

What do you mean less than 4 months to do everything!?!

Well we received our orders for the move to Japan in February!  Yay!    Now we start the process of getting everything in order.  My passport expired some time ago but I'm finding out the Navy will issue me a free passport for the move and possibly a Visa if I need one.  The biggest … Continue reading What do you mean less than 4 months to do everything!?!