Exploring Japan-Photo Essayish

Between doing paperwork for my new job and receiving/unpacking our household goods ie furniture and such.  Yay we have the t.v. set up !  Honestly, we don’t watch a lot of television but somehow having it connected felt like a milestone in our feeling at home here.  I can’t explain that but there it is. lol

settling in^^ my handsome husband proud of his accomplishment of connecting the t.v. 🙂

Yokosuka:  even though it’s a military town, they manage to keep the scenery in tact.

yokosuka2YokosukaAndroid Photos 005Yokosuka3


men on trains
Train rides can be very entertaining

Shopping, Train Stations, Japanese and American-ish restaurants are within walking (and I have sensitive feet) distance from base.


Yokohama: is a pretty big city with so much to see!  I have been several times now and each was a very different experience.   A lot of shopping, restaurants, amusement park, China Town, and more that we haven’t explored yet.  Went with a friend last week to Yokohama and rode the roller coaster below the Ferris Wheel in the photo below, had a great lunch, fun times!

yokohama yokohama fun park yokohama 3 yokohama 2



Me going in to China Town




this was a covered market we stumbled upon, fresh seafood and produce among other things.








lunch in yokohamaWe had a great lunch yesterday in Yokohama, started with roasted pork, then seafood fried rice and sharkfin and crab soup, ending with almond gel stuff that was a great finisher.  They certainly don’t use sugar like Americans, things are slightly sweet, not excessive.


Tokyo: is on an entirely different level!  We spent Saturday (day before St. Patrick’s Day and my husband’s birthday) in Shibuya which is the trendy section of Tokyo.  Because of the timing we focused on finding and imbibing at the Irish/British pubs there.  Three if I recall correctly and each was a great time.  The hotel we stayed in was awesome!  The room was very small but functionality was excellent and the bathroom was fun sized!

japanese hotel2 japanese hotel

japanese hotel 4
Zoom in on this if you can



japanese hotel 3


cale got guinness
The husband got his Guinness





Tokyo will be a common destination for a while, I want to see and experience all of it but realize I have 3 years to do so!

Today is the Cherry Blossom Festival here on base.  They are opening the base up to the local people and have all kinds of booths and such set up.  We’ll be heading out in a few to check that out.  The park along the water is lined with the trees, and man are they blooming like crazy right now. =)

Happy Spring Everyone!


7 thoughts on “Exploring Japan-Photo Essayish

  1. Glad you’re having such fun, and now I know what you look like!

    I live quite near Shibuya–you didn’t find it a bit overwhelming?

    1. Only because we weren’t sure where to go so we just wandered around. We really had fun though, I’m kind of a gypsy at heart so new places don’t bother me much. It will be a lot better once we learn the language a bit and such.

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