A New Chapter in Life

So it begins today, our new chapter in a new place.

The last 10 years we have moved several times but always domestic, from one coast to the other.  Today we break that chain and catch a 12 hour flight to Japan to live and experience a very different way of life.  I can’t fully explain the excitement and anticipation of living there for 3 years.

We also will be in housing for the first time in my life and I’m actually looking forward to it. We should (fingers crossed) be getting a 3 bedroom which will be wonderful.  Also, if we end up with a house instead of the high rise we’ll be able to get a dog.  I’m leaving that up to the fates to direct us.  High rise would be great because it’s actually right there on base but they don’t allow pets, the house is off base but we could have a dog.  Each has it’s pros and cons.

I will miss family and friends and we are expecting to lose the matriarch of my husbands family soon but otherwise, it’s all giddy excitement and fun times ahead.  Some people ask if I’m not scared or worried about living there.  Hell no I’m not!  For one, I have the American military behind me and this makes me feel much safer.  Also, I have my wonderful husband who says he drove on the other side of the road in Scotland and did just fine so there is that.  =P  If I was moving there all on my own I’d be nervous and frightened but I’m not alone and it all looks great.

When we get in and settled in the lodge I’ll jump on and get started blogging the Japan adventure. =)

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