A New Adventure Begins

Move to Japan croppedthe photo above is blurry because I was so very tired


Well the flight was cramped and those neat little air vents on most planes that you can turn to blow air on you were non existant so it was really warm for 12 hours.  Otherwise, it was a nice trip without any real issues.

Move to Japan 010

The people in the row ahead of us kept the baby fairly quiet and none of the people behind us bothered our seats.  The snack was rice crackers and they frequently offered green tea (hot or cold).  Dinner (which I passed on because we had just eaten lunch)  was pork or fish, my husband got the fish, looked ok.  The next meal several hours later was a beef bowl which I very much enjoyed!  You put it together yourself: the box with warm rice and a little shelf with warm beef strips to dump in it, then you can add a packet of red pepper and could include a bit of ginger and/or cabbage.  Then bit of almond jelly for “dessert”.  This was lovely, just what I needed to get through the final 2 hours of flight and held me over till we got to the lodge.

Two men who my husband will be working with until the change over picked us up at the airport and drove us to the lodge on the base.  They were fun and giving all kinds of tips and pointing out things to see.   One also handed me two guide type books that he said he wished he had when he moved here.  What a nice gesture.

Move to Japan 013

When we got to the lodge (which is a hotel on base for those who don’t know) and checked in the clerk gave us a small laundry basket full of dish soap, detergent, dryer sheets, fabric softener, some popcorn bags, a bottle of white wine and a card in it from one of the guys who picked us up and his wife.  What a great welcome basket!  We will be thanking them hugely!  Also, she handed us a bag of snacks, milk, juice, cereal, oatmeal, ramen and such.

We have a social tonight where they basically welcome us to the base, should be good fun and I will have an opportunity to meet a few of the wives of the guys in the department.  Right now I am just hanging out in the room, maybe go for a walk about later, see how the mini mart is – that’s like a convenience store for military.

We are limited in what we can do right now, they have a rule that we can’t leave base until we complete our orientation which won’t be for another week or so.  Bummer but a necessary evil apparently.

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