Frantic February

I know it's been a bit since I last posted, so much has been happening this month with preparing for our move out of Japan.  Plus we have been battling a little bit with admin trying to get our flights figured out.  It's so hard to push off a big trip till the last minute, … Continue reading Frantic February

T Minus 42 Hours and Counting!

Yes, it's that close to move day!  T Minus 42 Hours and Counting for our flight to Japan! We spent the last two weeks traveling to visit family in Arizona, Louisiana and Texas and now we are back in San Diego doing last minute calls to credit cards and planning our final meals in America...until … Continue reading T Minus 42 Hours and Counting!

Tears Aren’t Always Healthy Follow Up

A follow up to the Tears Aren’t Always Healthy post. I'm happy to report my tear ducts are clear!  No surgery is needed. Yay! Basically, the doctor numbed my eye with drops, poked a needle around in the corner, then flushed it all down my throat. Bleh!  It was weird. Ok it wasn't this bad but … Continue reading Tears Aren’t Always Healthy Follow Up

Tears Aren’t Always Healthy

About a month ago my left eye started tearing up quite a lot and has been almost every day since.  It wasn't painful for most of the time so I didn't bother with it during our trip in December but now it's starting to get sore and I'm feeling dehydrated so I called the doctor … Continue reading Tears Aren’t Always Healthy

Enough with the needles!

With the long list of things I need to have done for my health screening for overseas moving I am finally nearing the end and should be able to submit my package Friday. Today I had four different needles with various vaccines pumped into my arms, one of which created a bubble that I have … Continue reading Enough with the needles!

What do you mean less than 4 months to do everything!?!

Well we received our orders for the move to Japan in February!  Yay!    Now we start the process of getting everything in order.  My passport expired some time ago but I'm finding out the Navy will issue me a free passport for the move and possibly a Visa if I need one.  The biggest … Continue reading What do you mean less than 4 months to do everything!?!