Tears Aren’t Always Healthy

About a month ago my left eye started tearing up quite a lot and has been almost every day since.  It wasn’t painful for most of the time so I didn’t bother with it during our trip in December but now it’s starting to get sore and I’m feeling dehydrated so I called the doctor last week.

She said it seems I have a blocked tear duct and has referred me to an Ophthalmologist.

blocked_tear_ductTuesday I called said Opth to schedule an appointment and they said how is February 21st.  Well that won’t work, I’ll be landing in Japan that day!  I almost panicked but she said “let me see what I can find out and call you back”.

The call back was after consulting the actual doctor who set me up for a consult today so they can determine if I need surgery or not.  If I need surgery it will either delay my move to Japan (Husband will move ahead of me) or I will have to fly back to San Diego at some point to have the procedure.  They don’t have the necessary stuff in Japan to handle it. 😦


I am praying that they determine surgery is not needed and have another suggestion.  Please!!!

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