Book 64, 65, 66, 67, 68, 69, 70, and 71

Joanna Mansell’s “Illusion of Paradise”

This book struck me as rather unusual for a romance novel and I enjoyed the adventure side of it.  Fun, serious, analytical, deep and finally romantic.

Emma Darcy’s “The Positive Approach”

I admit I was a little pessimistic with the title, sounded rather cheesy.  Although I had a hard time grasping the very love at first site of it all, the way they met was wonderful.    I loved her independence but grabbing on to this deal was a choice well made in my opinion and of course, we expected there to be love in the end right?

Patricia Wilson’s “Impossible Bargain”

This story touched me a couple of times.  Very realistic and moving, truly warm story.  One of the few I would love to see made into a tv movie.  Strong characters and a juicy story.

Susanne McCarthy’s “Too Much to Lose”

Lovely story, I could very well picture it as I was going.  Had me laughing in a few parts and upset in others.   This book could have been longer or add a sequel to it.

Roberta Leigh’s “No Man’s Mistress”

A fun story with a few turns in it, I truly wanted to see her succeed both in career and in love.

Daphne Clair’s “No Winner”

Another one that I fully admit I had a hard time getting into simply due to the absolutely ridiculous front cover.  This guy just looks goofy.  The story however was touching and although I figured out quickly who he was, the telling was fun to read.  The negative is that again I find myself having a difficult time equating romance with forcing sex.

Carole Mortimer’s “To Love Again:

Ah the fight against what is inevitable.  This story grabbed me and didn’t let go.  Truly enjoyed the struggle both characters had with the love that was obviously there.  This male character is every woman’s dream.  Masculine but tender and protective.  Huzzah!

I know I’m pounding through these, figured I would once I got to these short Harlequin’s.

The next one is:  Sara Craven’s “Comparative Strangers”


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