Changes Again

This year is just odd isn't it. After returning to America from living overseas for seven years, it took some months to find a job I was passionate about, be hired for and trained at but with the way Covid-19 has been spreading recently it was getting too close for comfort for me so I … Continue reading Changes Again

Health Thoughts, People Are Grossing Me Out

Working up to 2020, I was focused on getting my health in line. We would be out of Italy so the carbs, pastries and sweets would not be as tempting and I wouldn't feel as uncomfortable exercising alone. Reality of the start of 2020 was me being very sick for quite some time and unable … Continue reading Health Thoughts, People Are Grossing Me Out

Mid Year Reflection

The first half of the year yays and nays.   Yays: Good travel!  Paestum(*see below), Scotland, America for a wedding and gathering of family, Poland and Slovakia. Marriage is in good shape, still going strong after 15 years. Health has not noticeably deteriorated. Finances are holding strong. Housekeeping has not suffered but I still need … Continue reading Mid Year Reflection

Some Things On My Mind

It has been a quiet, relaxing couple of months while we replenish our funds a bit after a heavy travel season through the end of 2017.  Not a lot to report from January/February and that is a good thing, we have a system of travel then save before travel again, it's keeping us debt free … Continue reading Some Things On My Mind

Turn Of The Year Mayhem

After returning from Hong Kong we immediately started preparing for my step-daughter to visit and join us in bringing in 2016. We headed to Tokyo on New Year's Eve day, as is our tradition while in Japan, and had a reservation at our favorite little boutique hotel (Sakura Fleur Aoyama)in Shibuya.  The decor is cute, … Continue reading Turn Of The Year Mayhem

Diana’s Fit Club Diary – Part 2 Entry 3 – Update & Goals

Went to the doctor this week and got my lab results: A1C came in at 6.2 - this is slightly higher than my previous test which was 6.1 but not as high as I thought it might be.  I haven't been watching my sugar/carb intake as well as I should have but I have been … Continue reading Diana’s Fit Club Diary – Part 2 Entry 3 – Update & Goals

Diana’s Fit Club Diary – Part 2 Entry 2

I know I have slacked off on this blog series and honestly the working out slacked off as well.  We (the husband and I) were doing well until our trip to Hawaii at the beginning of the month.  We even took our workout clothes and shoes thinking we'd get at least every other day in … Continue reading Diana’s Fit Club Diary – Part 2 Entry 2