Some Things On My Mind

It has been a quiet, relaxing couple of months while we replenish our funds a bit after a heavy travel season through the end of 2017.  Not a lot to report from January/February and that is a good thing, we have a system of travel then save before travel again, it’s keeping us debt free and able to invest in cd’s.

  • Travel: We are working on things for the Spring/Summer, a trip to Scotland, a wedding in April which will have us back in the states for a bit.  A possible visitor in May/June and I am hoping a trip to Norway in June.
  • Health: I had my lab work done and was surprised by the slightly better A1C numbers 6.6 from the high 6.8 last August.  I fully admit that the previous 3 months were not diabetes friendly but my lab work did not reflect that.  All of the sweets I have indulged in as well as pasta and beer/wine.  I am a bit baffled by the number, but certainly not complaining.  Otherwise, triglycerides are high but other cholesterol numbers and blood pressure are good.  Lately, I have been a bit better but still indulging in Italian candy which needs to stop, or does it?  hmm
  • Reading: I have had a great 6 weeks of reading so far, completing 16 books so far that were mostly great reads and have a couple on the go now.  I am enjoying not having a goal in mind for reading much more and just picking up books that truly interest me.  There have been a couple of cheesy romance that I could have done without but they were in between some heavy and hefty novels and served their purpose of a nice break.
  • Self Care: Have a project going for this month, a self care daily exercise thing.  Every day is a little thought or project that helps me reflect on my internal stuff.  Its good but not sure it will actually accomplish anything in the end.
  • Tattoo: I’m itching for a new tattoo or two, I want to get a couple of small ones on my arm, nothing elaborate.  That’s the thing about ink, it’s rather addictive.
  • Worries: My computer is still down so I’m working off my laptop right now.  Italy doesn’t have computer parts shops, everyone orders online so I have to wait for things.  It’s a process.  Also, quite a few friends and acquaintances are having health issues and dealing with grief.  My thoughts are often consumed with those in need recently.
  • America: What the actual hell is going on over there!

I guess that about covers things for now.  Hopefully in March I’ll have an amazing update with photos from Scotland.


P.S.  I’ve noticed a huge missing of Japan lately, we have been reminiscing a lot.


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