2018 Reading Goals Are Set

Happy New Year!

To follow up on the previous post for reading goals, I am writing this to get it into my head and continue fleshing out my thoughts on it.  2017 was a huge reading year for me.  I read 96 books according to Goodreads.  Pretty good considering we traveled quite a bit and I don’t have book stores here to browse.

Goals Set:

  1.  Tracking:  I went ahead and set Goodreads to 10 books, this will be met quickly but ultimately I put a number in there just so Goodreads keeps count so at the end of the year I’ll have a final number.  I also set up a folder to follow the different series I’m diving into.  Also, my planner has a section dedicated to the series tracking and new author list.
  2. Epic Fantasty/Sci Fi Series:  There are a few series that I started and want to continue but didn’t because I was afraid of the size of the tomes and many I want to start.  This year I am embracing the big fat novels.
  3. New Authors to me:  There are a lot of authors I want to give a try in the Fantasy/Sci Fi genre so I have started a list and hope to give a try to most of them by the end of the year.
  4. Classics:  I want to read a few classics this year, including Jane Austen.
  5. Romance novels and series:  Will continue in the year to break up the epic novels.  One thing I’m hoping to create is a list of Romance authors I enjoy and follow them more.  Some romance are just over the top for me so I want to find the ones I like and stick to them.
  6. Others: The genres from the previous post of Graphic Novels, Urban Fantasy and Contemporary will still be read in between and as they are available to me.

That about covers it. (pun intended haha)

Here we go!

First book of 2018 was completed during a trip from the states, it was the 2nd book in A Court Of Thorns and Roses series, and I loved it.

Picked up the next 3 books in a series I started last year that I have been devouring.  I will own the entire series some day and re-read it I’m sure.  The Mercy Thompson Novels.  I’m on book 5.

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