Changes Again

This year is just odd isn’t it.

After returning to America from living overseas for seven years, it took some months to find a job I was passionate about, be hired for and trained at but with the way Covid-19 has been spreading recently it was getting too close for comfort for me so I had to resign. The door is still open to return if possible after this virus calms down but for now I am just too high risk for it with asthma and diabetes. So, I will now be looking for a work from home position.

So, I’m back unemployed and focusing on my health more. Since January 2020 I have lost about 25 pounds and am down two sizes. My new goal is going to be another 5 pounds off by the end of January which will mean needing a big wardrobe update because the clothes that fit loosely now are going to be way too big to get away with.

Currently waiting for new A1C results and I’m only slightly optimistic because of the weight loss and exercise but it’s also holiday season and I have NOT been behaving.

My computer crashed a couple of months ago and I’ve been using the laptop while quietly mourning the desktop. We found a great deal on Newegg and as of last night I am back up and running on a new desktop pc. Still getting used to the keyboard and such again but feeling more myself now.

The husband received retirement orders (he is U.S. Navy active duty) so that’s happening in a handful of months. Which means moving again and him finding a position with a government civilian or contractor job, maybe in our current location or could be a big move again. We shall see.

For holiday changes, this year I picked up a small 3ft tree for my ritual space which I decorated with mostly silver and wood ornaments to celebrate Yule, it’s a work in progress. I hope to add to this in the coming years and make it special. I am also considering keeping it up throughout the year and decorating it for each season/sabbat.

The next few months will be focused on health, retirement things and weeding out our living space because we will likely be downsizing to a smaller space if we stay in San Diego and have to pay rent. Scaling down and getting rid of things that no longer work or are needed and deciding what can be put in storage until we settle somewhere big enough for everything.

That’s my update for the end of a very odd year indeed. Warm and cozy Yule blessings upon those who recognize it and happy holidays to all.

My Yule Tree

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