Health Thoughts, People Are Grossing Me Out

Working up to 2020, I was focused on getting my health in line. We would be out of Italy so the carbs, pastries and sweets would not be as tempting and I wouldn't feel as uncomfortable exercising alone. Reality of the start of 2020 was me being very sick for quite some time and unable … Continue reading Health Thoughts, People Are Grossing Me Out

Autumn Has Arrived

It's official, I'm chilly this morning. 🙂  Nice timing with the Autumn Equinox (Mabon) this week.  Naples, Italy does have all four seasons as I understand it.  Summer was hot and some humid days but much milder than Japan.  I've heard Winter here is wet and chilly but not cold enough for snow unless you … Continue reading Autumn Has Arrived

Turn Of The Year Mayhem

After returning from Hong Kong we immediately started preparing for my step-daughter to visit and join us in bringing in 2016. We headed to Tokyo on New Year's Eve day, as is our tradition while in Japan, and had a reservation at our favorite little boutique hotel (Sakura Fleur Aoyama)in Shibuya.  The decor is cute, … Continue reading Turn Of The Year Mayhem

Diana’s Fit Club Diary – Part 2 Entry 1

I should be Entry 10 right? I'm not feeling like I deserve to call it entry 10.  I was going strong with the at home strength training workout challenge but then I got a tattoo and had to wait to get my sweat on, then when I felt I could get back to burning … Continue reading Diana’s Fit Club Diary – Part 2 Entry 1

Diana’s Fit Club Diary – Entry 6

Today starts the 30 day Career Girl Challenge which is designed for daily exercise and conscious eating habits.  I really want to get into a habit of exercising daily and am going to work hard at making that happen. Meal planning this week is consisting of overnight oatmeal bowls for breakfast, well balanced salads for … Continue reading Diana’s Fit Club Diary – Entry 6

Diana’s Fit Club Diary.. Entry 5

Just a quick note on accomplishments this week so far... I said no to birthday cake at work and stuck to my no even after each person tried to convince me a small bite would be ok....AND it was an ice cream cake so extra hard to say no but I did it!  (baskin robbins … Continue reading Diana’s Fit Club Diary.. Entry 5

Diana’s Fit Club Diary – Entry 2

Well, this week was a well intentioned bust.  I came down with a full on snotty cold that has kept me home.  For two days I have done not much of anything and felt absolutely horrible about it, specially after re-committing to getting fit again just a few days ago.  Seems every time I fly … Continue reading Diana’s Fit Club Diary – Entry 2

Diana’s Fit Club Diary

I have a few announcements to make: My cozy corner is almost finished and I will blog the finished project soon. I will be starting an Ebay sellers account to weed out some of the collected things I have been hoarding keeping for no real reason other than most of them were given to me … Continue reading Diana’s Fit Club Diary