Diana’s Fit Club Diary – Entry 6

Today starts the 30 day Career Girl Challenge which is designed for daily exercise and conscious eating habits.  I really want to get into a habit of exercising daily and am going to work hard at making that happen.

Meal planning this week is consisting of overnight oatmeal bowls for breakfast, well balanced salads for lunch and portion control for dinners – I am also focusing on carb control more than usual right now and will be cutting more bread from my diet.  Nothing super heavy, I’m just not feeling like hot, heavy food right now which means the heat of Summer is about to hit.  The perfect time to rethink food because our eating out will be much less during the next couple of months.

Started the day with a 5 minute – positive reinforcement of self – meditation then called my parents for a nice long chat.  Was happy to hear my mother is exercising again too and hope she keeps it up!  Shout out for the Good job Mama!

Today’s exercise is 50 crunches and two – 60 second planks.  I haven’t done crunches in quite a while so I may need to split the 50 up into sets.  We’ll see.  I’ve never actually done a plank so this could be interesting but they work your core and glutes which is always good and I think two is a reasonable number for a starter.

Tomorrow’s exercise is a 20 minute run, which honestly for me will be a brisk walk and throwing some jogging in because I haven’t run in years and I can still feel my knee injury a little bit so I don’t want to aggravate that.  I will admit though, recently I have been wanting to start running so we’ll see if it becomes something I can get into or if my cardio will stick to the elliptical.

Ok…enough of the blogging, time to get on with the crunches!

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