Diana’s Fit Club Diary – Entry 7

Day two had me walking/jogging for 20 minutes around the neighborhood.  It felt pretty good really but man I am out of shape.  It was a couple of minutes jog then a few minutes walk, repeat.  Hoping the next run will have me jogging more than walking.

Yesterday, Day three on the challenge called for 50 burpees and 50 kick down crunches.  Yeh, I’ve never done a burpee before so I did 10 and realized I need to work up to 50.  Did about 20 crunches, my abs and sides were still sore from Monday’s crunches.

Today, Day four, is rest day but I’m not going to do that.  Instead, I will do the rest of the burpees and more crunches.  I may also go get on the elliptical after work as I am feeling bad for not getting my cardio and weight machine workouts in yet this week.

I suppose that’s a good thing, to feel bad about missing working out.  With the oatmeal in the morning and salads for lunches I was really hoping to have lost a couple of pounds this week but I haven’t seen that on the scale yet so I think if I do the challenge and throw in a cardio plan to the mix I’ll see more results and feel better about all of it.  It isn’t all just about the scale but that helps motivate me to continue.

So, in general I’m feeling pretty good about the challenge though I need to kick up to forcing completion of the exercises instead of calling it quits to finish later.  No matter how difficult they are.

7 thoughts on “Diana’s Fit Club Diary – Entry 7

      1. As long as you are putting out the effort when you are supposed to, it is better for your heart/body/mind if you rest also.

        Bike has been hit and miss lately. June was a month of nothing but rain, not good for any type of riding. I am still very strong, though.

  1. Awesome update! I’m catching up on my reading now…next step is to catch up on my writing. I’m so proud of you for sticking to this, no matter what level. It is important that you acknowledge shortcomings and fix them rather than beat yourself up, so I was proud to read you achieving two goals…(1) exercising and (2) not complaining, instead recognizing and moving forward! Way to go, my lady!

  2. I just found you! Yay!

    Are you taking any supplements? I had really hit a plateau with my weight and I asked around. I was recommended to take CLA (conjugaged linoleic acid, a fatty acid)

    It could be a placebo affect. But I think it’s helping burn fat.

    Burpees are HARD!

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