Diana’s Fit Club Diary – Entry 8 – The Pain

Well, it’s day 8 of the 30 day challenge to exercise at least a little bit every day and I am in serious pain.  Desperately trying not to complain about it but I think I am flinching and cringing a lot which gives it away.  It only took a few minutes for the husband to ask what’s wrong. haha  I’m not very stealthy when it comes to hiding pain.

When I was about 13 years old my running and soccer fun came to a screeching halt with horrible hip pain.  For years different doctors said different things, I was put on a strong aspirin, told it was arthritis, one leg was longer than the other, it’s psychosomatic and not a real problem, go see a chiropractor who said my tail bone was not right (thanks for that one, ended up with a bad back out of it) and finally sent to a physical therapist in my late 20’s who actually figured out my problem and showed me how to live with it.  In simple terms I have extremely tight hip muscles that clamp down when I exercise.  So, I went for many sessions of a lot of stretching, some odd positions on a mat with a PT working my hip joints and a few weeks later I was feeling pretty good about it.  Off and on the pain returns but I’m able to stretch it out and deal…until today.  No amount of stretching is working this one out, I’m just bearing with it and hoping tomorrow will be better.  It was difficult working today, every time I stood up from my desk my hips seized up.

Thank goodness today was a rest day on the plan.  I did a meditation when I got home which it suggests.  Really like the Calm app on my phone for this, just sitting and being quiet and calm for a bit feels great.

NO I am not letting this pain stop me.  Will I take it a little easier for a day or so? Yes! Tomorrow’s plan is a 60 second plank (will try it), 25 tricep dips (will give it a go, shouldn’t effect my hips) and 25 mountain climbers (not likely).  I will switch the last to something else, perhaps a 20 minute easy yoga.

Hoping tomorrow is less painful and I can get back into more cardio Thursday.

Now I’m going to go try not to cry myself to sleep.

10 thoughts on “Diana’s Fit Club Diary – Entry 8 – The Pain

  1. So sorry to hear about that. Chronic pain is horrible. One of my best friends just had a double hip replacement and she’s only 40. Yikes! Hope you’re feeling better.

  2. I’m inspired by your fortitude. And I’m impressed by your willingness to take a little break. The body needs it and you will come back stronger and more nimble because of it. Keep going!

  3. Yikes! For most exercise aches and pains, the best way is to work through the pain, but in some cases (like this one) it’s really best to take it easy and rest up so you don’t further injure yourself. I hope that you are back in fighting form ASAP!

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