Food, Fun and Exercise

Food, Fun and Exercise – but not necessarily in that order.  haha!

As someone who loves to explore, the last few weeks have been rather close to home other than jumping up to Tokyo to say farewell to a friend who is getting married and since the party moved to the States.  It was a fun night, as always.  She will be missed but I am so thankful for meeting her and though we aren’t good friends I am glad to call her a friend.  This group of idiots has made living here richer and more exciting.

It's rather dark, sorry.
It’s rather dark, sorry.

Before meeting them, we stopped at the Star Wars exhibit in Tokyo.  It was pretty awesome.

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The husband was in heaven.

Let’s see, other than that I enjoyed a nice lunch and visit with my friend Abby and her little baby, Estelle.  So cute!  It has been a while since we’ve gotten together so this was good for my soul.  Also, my mother made a knit cap for the baby a while back and I was finally able to give that to her.  She loved it and will be using it when the heat of summer calms down.

2015-06-29 12.13.53

Lunch was at an “Italian” cafe, I use quotes because well…it’s Japanese Italian food which means it usually loosely resembles Italian flavors and dishes.  This cafe was fantastic!  I opted for the set lunch which included a salad, entree plate with six different small items – carrot salad, some kind of carpaccio on slice of baguette, vegetable/minestrone soup in a tiny cup, a caprese salad, a meatball, scallop and shrimp on a shell – then came a pasta in clam sauce that was incredible.  Best I’ve ever had.  So good in fact I didn’t get a photo of it because I was too busy eating it.

2015-06-29 12.13.47

Small bonus on my walk to the train station from lunch I ran into my favorite flower growing wild along the path.

Morning Glory Love
Morning Glory Love

Diana’s Fit Club Diary:

Wrapping up the last couple of weeks, I have been pretty diligent about exercising every day with a rest day now and then.  At least a little something daily, even if it’s a few squats and a quick yoga routine.  I’ve been sore but feeling good and have kept the few pounds I lost off.  Hoping this next week to incorporate the gym and more cardio work and get the pounds melting off again.  I hope my Diary isn’t annoying the few of you that read me. haha  It does help me feel accountable and I’ll continue it through the next couple of weeks at least.


Yesterday I got new ink from a Japanese artist, I’ll post that separately so my parents can avoid it.  It will be titled with a “Not A Parent Approved Post” to give them the option of not seeing it.

New blog idea I’ve been toying with:

I thought I might start trying and blogging my thoughts on some Japanese makeup and beauty things.  Let me know if you might be interested.  I recently grabbed a mascara in town and a lipstick with a free trial of a face powder that I LOVE!

11 thoughts on “Food, Fun and Exercise

  1. Glad you liked the Star Wars exhibit! (And nothing wrong with having a few quieter weeks! We may live someplace foreign but sometimes it’s nice to just live a normal, non-touristy life for a little while….)

  2. Did you buy the tickets for the Star Wars exhibit at a 7-eleven for a discounted price?

    I’ve seen some Italian people in Japan on TV said that Italian food in Japan is excellent.
    I’m “1/4 Italian” and I like it too!

      1. You should always buy tickets (movies, museums, concerts, etc) at discount ticket shops. Save money.
        Sometimes convenience stores sell them cheaper too.

  3. Your adventures amaze me and I thank you for sharing them! Yes, please do blog about Japanese beauty products. I would love to read/hear about your choices, experiences, and how you will manage after leaving Japan, when you run out of something you come to dearly love. Amazon, I find is quite accommodating to some of the Austrian products I cannot buy here. I pick up stuff for my mom all of the time and have it shipped directly to her. She thinks I’m magic because I can use the internet. LOL. Generational thinking is awesome! I told her I was a unicorn! 🙂

    1. I, thankfully, have made a few Japanese friends while living here so I am hoping if there are products I just love that I will be able to either a) have a friend send me a care package now and then or b) fly my ass to Japan maybe twice a year for a shopping spree and just to soak in the love.

      I am hoping for b. 😀

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