Diana’s Fit Club Diary.. Entry 5

Just a quick note on accomplishments this week so far…

I said no to birthday cake at work and stuck to my no even after each person tried to convince me a small bite would be ok….AND it was an ice cream cake so extra hard to say no but I did it!  (baskin robbins is the devil)

Went to dinner with some friends tonight and chose the best options for me and because they weren’t all great I chose to walk home instead of accept an offer of a ride.  (some of the dishes are below oh and of course Sake!)

2015-06-18 20.08.02
This was actually the best option for dessert, it was Japanese ice cream (which has a lot less sugar than American), almond slivers, corn flakes and espresso.
2015-06-18 18.04.07
Warm squid and asparagus salad
2015-06-18 18.11.35
Some kind of shrimp rolls.
2015-06-18 18.18.57
2015-06-18 18.40.48
Seared Tuna – this was amazing!

Got a good bit of exercise in this week but need to amp it up and to help accomplish this I joined a 30 day challenge, will see how that goes.

Just feeling good about being conscious of my “self”…meaning all of what is in my best interest and well being.

On a side note I received my shipment of makeup brushes yesterday and they are amazing!  Love them!  Shout out to Real Techniques

2015-06-18 16.13.20
They wouldn’t stay straight for the picture, kept leaning to the Powder Brush. hah!

Oh and treated myself also to a new blush from Clinique, shade Ginger Pop and it’s beautiful!  Just look at the design, isn’t it just lovely?

ginger pop

Hope you are having a great week and living intentionally!

7 thoughts on “Diana’s Fit Club Diary.. Entry 5

  1. In Japan, it seems a lot easier to choose healthier options as everything is so fresh! I too am learning how to place myself first and to choose wisely! Can’t tell you the number of people who tempt me with meat dishes lately. It really is mean and I don’t understand it. Support me or keep quiet. I don’t understand *shakes head* at all! You’re doing super great and I look forward to reading much more of your successes. Honestly…way to go on the complaining challenge! You sound upbeat and positive, acknowledging and incorporating/changing. I like this newness!

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