Diana’s Fit Club Diary – Entry..4 is it?

Well it’s almost two weeks in, minus a week of being sick so maybe 5 days in really and I’ve managed to hit the gym and/or walk into town every couple of days and I’ve actually lost five pounds.

The first four were exciting but I have to say the last one was a big one.  It crossed me under the threshold where I’ve been stagnant for a year now.  So…yay!

Yesterday, we picked up a small pitcher and I’ve started keeping a pitcher of lemon/cucumber water to drink every day.  I also have fresh ginger and though I forgot it yesterday I will pick up fresh mint for it as well.  Hoping this will help me incorporate more water into my days.  Also, I have a plan to bake these awesome little egg muffins and cinnamon oat biscuits to have for breakfasts this week along with fresh blueberries and raspberries.  I noticed last week the yogurt and berries I was having was not filling me up enough so I’m switching it up to more protein packed and oats/fiber to see how that does for me.

As a bonus I also started tackling another project I’ve had on the back burner for a year or so, weeding through my Coca Cola collection.  I sold a collection of ornaments to a Navy guy who’s boyfriend is a collector too and I’m so happy to find that out.  I was afraid he was just going to put it on Ebay and sell it for more. haha  Glad it went to someone who will appreciate it.  Going through some more storage bins to see what else I want to sell off.

Will check back in maybe Tuesday…and I plan to start tracking my fasting blood glucose again, for some reason I stopped doing that.

7 thoughts on “Diana’s Fit Club Diary – Entry..4 is it?

  1. Ahhh it’s perfect that I read this today– Alex and I just returned to the gym for the first time since the wedding. dun Dun DUUUNNNN.

    That would be why I’m in bed with my laptop at 8PM. *dying*

  2. I like this blogging subject! It is motivating me. Yesterday, I was cleared by the cardiologist to go back to the gym/exercising at a strenuous level. I hadn’t shared before, but on June 2 I went for blood work (to make sure my dietary changes are working) and they doctor thought they heard something in my abdomen. Being that I have a family history of aortic ruptures in the abdomen, they were worried that I had some issue. Turns out I do. Cherry season! lol So I am fit as a fiddle and working out is back on the table! You inspire me, chickadee! Thanks for your friendship, inspiration, and love!

    1. So glad it turned out to be cherries haha! I’m putting them down too. It’s hard here though, the cherries go bad so quickly. Have to eat the whole bag within a couple of days….which is not hard really, unless I kinda forget they are there. Love you much!

        1. 😀 I know, I ate a bag then went a day forgetting I had another bag to do. Ended up throwing a few away :*( at $15 per bag it is painful to throw any away.

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