Preparing for the Sun

Today is the pagan holiday Imbolc.  Tonight we welcome the quieting of Winter and the approach of Spring. The Crone makes way for the Maiden in the turning of the wheel. Bright, warm blessings to all on this Imbolc. Today I am hoping the turning of the wheel brings some peace, love, good energy and a happy … Continue reading Preparing for the Sun

Diana’s Fit Club Diary – Entry 2

Well, this week was a well intentioned bust.  I came down with a full on snotty cold that has kept me home.  For two days I have done not much of anything and felt absolutely horrible about it, specially after re-committing to getting fit again just a few days ago.  Seems every time I fly … Continue reading Diana’s Fit Club Diary – Entry 2

Changing Habits (not the nun type)

I'm not sure where the habit started or the reasoning for it but for most of my adult life I have waited, procrastinated perhaps, cleaning up.  Now, just to clarify, my house is not a pig pen but it could be kept better.  I tend to wait till the counter is full to do the … Continue reading Changing Habits (not the nun type)