Health Thoughts, People Are Grossing Me Out

Working up to 2020, I was focused on getting my health in line. We would be out of Italy so the carbs, pastries and sweets would not be as tempting and I wouldn’t feel as uncomfortable exercising alone.

Reality of the start of 2020 was me being very sick for quite some time and unable to exercise and the want to eat all the American things we have missed hit hard.

Once I started feeling better I refocused and started walking, started cooking at home, incorporating more veggies and fruit and less buffalo wings and ramen/sushi.

I was getting back on track with my goals. Then Corona virus came to America.

I was seeing post after post on social media about people eating junk food and not keeping to meals, snacking gone very wrong. People sitting around in pajamas all day, not showering and clothes not likely to fit anymore. I know a lot of it is jokes and sarcasm but it hit home as something I didnt want to happen to us.

I am super proud to report after over a month of “stay home”, I am still walking almost every day, cooking fresh food at home, and the husband has been flexing his amateur chef muscles too. I shower and dress for the day (comfortably but not pj’s) and have managed to lose a few pounds even.

The goals I reached were exercising as a habit, reaching a specific weight, and eating healthier. I can tick those boxes and move forward to the next short term weight goal and I have started working on self confidence building. Will see how that goes.

Stay home doesn’t mean let yourself go.

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