Just Things

Every now and then the universe reminds me about the importance of things.  Or perhaps the un-importance of things.

Today I had to remind myself that the “thing” that just broke was just a thing.  Is it easily replaced?  No, not unless I am heading back to Sicily soon and it was handcrafted.  It was something we picked up there, a rare memento of a place I love.  We didn’t buy a lot of souvenirs while we lived and traveled in Europe, we were very selective on what we took home.  This was a thing, but not the only thing, we purchased in Castellamare  del Golfo, Sicily to mark our time there.  I have a couple of other things, some photos and what’s left of my shotty memory to look back on for the time we spent in Sicily.

I just looked through my photos and it’s the one thing I didn’t take a photo of, oddly enough.  Usually, I share souvenir type things on Instagram, but not this one…thing.

My emotions are high right now and it shook me a bit to hear the thing fall to the ground and break, then to go sweep it up.

But, in the end, it’s just a thing.

This is what’s left of the shattered ceramic ash tray from Sicily.


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