Diana’s Fit Club Diary – Part 2 Entry 1

I know…it should be Entry 10 right?

I’m not feeling like I deserve to call it entry 10.  I was going strong with the at home strength training workout challenge but then I got a tattoo and had to wait to get my sweat on, then when I felt I could get back to burning calories I started having really bad headaches.  Pain almost to the extent of migraine.  In 2011 I was diagnosed hypertensive (high blood pressure) and was having these headaches a lot until put on a medication and started working out, the headaches disappeared immediately.

Why is it back?

For almost a week I have been battling my head and staying out of the gym.

Today it stops.  Headache or not I am pushing on.  Today started with a 20 minute meditation, quick beginners yoga then to the gym for 30 minute, 310 calorie burning, elliptical and 10 minute, 80 calorie burning stationary bike ride.  Also, I am taking a break from coffee for now.

I now only have a month to reach my first goal which is losing one size by the end of August.  We are going to Hawaii for a vacation and I want to be one size less for the trip.

So, I will work out.  Even when it’s 90+ degrees and 95% humidity (typical August weather in Japan), even with a headache or any other issues that decide to challenge me.

My biggest challenge of all is that I only really have my husband helping to push and motivate me…other than myself.  I’ve asked friends to help but they haven’t really been and I suppose it isn’t fair to ask them to ride me.  I need to do it myself.

5 thoughts on “Diana’s Fit Club Diary – Part 2 Entry 1

  1. Did you quit the caffeine and then started getting the headaches? I’m sure you know this, but caffeine withdrawal causes major headaches.

    I sympathize. I get migraines, too. Hormone related, and there’s no t a whole lot I can do except take medication. They come and go. But I can’t work out with a bad headache, so I give you a lot of credit!

    We’ll cheer you on, from online. Okay?

    1. Nah, headaches were first. I thought of that too. I am wondering if it’s weather related too, the nasty Summer heat got here last week.

      Sorry to hear you get migraines, it sucks for reals.

      Thanks! 🙂

  2. I’m so happy you blog honestly and openly! I’m not at all sure what you would like in terms of keeping you accountable because when I read these blogs it seems that you are doing it for yourself. I am happy to bring you an evening zinger to get you moving in the morning, if that will help you! SO, get your arse up and at em! lol. Hiking in the woods has been a tremendous help for me. I see your gym is getting more frequent visits from you, so if you tell me how to get you in the groove and keep you there, I will certainly do it. Even if it involves a cattle prod *oh behave!*

    1. I just meant the Facebook group, the idea of it was for each of us to hold each other accountable but it’s become something different. Which is ok … and like I said I need to motivate my damn self. lol No worries.

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