Spring Equinox – Ostara

Last night marked the turn from Winter to Spring and I was reminded of my personal achievement goals for this year. Perhaps more accurately,  I was reminded that I made  goals but completely forgot what they are. Self Confidence Completion is Accomplishment (whether something turns out well or not, completion is accomplishment) thereby Increasing Self Worth. I had to … Continue reading Spring Equinox – Ostara

Diana’s Fit Club Diary – Part 2 Entry 1

I know...it should be Entry 10 right? I'm not feeling like I deserve to call it entry 10.  I was going strong with the at home strength training workout challenge but then I got a tattoo and had to wait to get my sweat on, then when I felt I could get back to burning … Continue reading Diana’s Fit Club Diary – Part 2 Entry 1

Diana’s Fit Club Diary – Entry 9

Quick Update:  I waited as long as I could until the new ink was almost completely healed before getting back to the gym.  It takes 7-10 days usually for the main heal process to complete.  I was prepared to wait, then my body started yelling at me after a few days of being idle. Waking … Continue reading Diana’s Fit Club Diary – Entry 9

Diana’s Fit Club Diary

I have a few announcements to make: My cozy corner is almost finished and I will blog the finished project soon. I will be starting an Ebay sellers account to weed out some of the collected things I have been hoarding keeping for no real reason other than most of them were given to me … Continue reading Diana’s Fit Club Diary

Annual Evaluation – Internal Spring Cleaning

On May 1st, 2014 it will officially be one year at this job, definitely doesn't feel like it has been that long most of the time. Mostly, I very much like the job and the coworkers and the boss-lady.  Mostly, I truly enjoy the actual work and the people we interact with daily.  The hours … Continue reading Annual Evaluation – Internal Spring Cleaning

The Result of Scoffing at My Cold

Well, I put my cold on the back burner to try to enjoy the holidays (I'll do a post on our New Year celebrations soon) per my previous post and the following was the result: Bronchitis - oh yes, the hacking, vile, disgusting, mucus-filled coughs that at one point had me vomiting and at other … Continue reading The Result of Scoffing at My Cold