Diana’s Fit Club Diary

I have a few announcements to make:

  1. My cozy corner is almost finished and I will blog the finished project soon.
  2. I will be starting an Ebay sellers account to weed out some of the collected things I have been hoarding keeping for no real reason other than most of them were given to me so I felt an obligation.
  3. New blogging addition:


While on holiday the last couple of weeks, we hit the gym a few times and it felt good.  Usually, on holidays we don’t bother with exercising and I am glad my husband was with me this time on bringing gym clothes and not allowing ourselves to fall out of the routine.  What felt better was getting on the scale when we returned and finding I had not gained any weight during the two weeks of indulging in fried, overly-seasoned and often high carb and fatty foods.  In fact, I was overjoyed with this so much it has motivated me to get back into my goal of losing another 30 pounds this year.

Another motivation lately has been the beauty and fashion bloggers I have been following and wanting to get back into having fun with makeup.  Fitting into cute, fashionable and edgy clothing again is also part of my goal.  A big thankful shout out to Caz at Style Lingua and Viviana Does Makeup for this!  (Feel free to chime in with suggestions on how I’m applying makeup or shades/brands as I may include trying new things like contouring)  Also, a plug for my friend Shirley who is taking her health into her own hands with a plant based diet.  You should check out her blog, she’s really embracing it and feeling much better after 2 weeks already!

And so begins the Diana’s Fit Club Diary.  The posts made will help to hold myself accountable and to track progress.  What works, what doesn’t, what motivates, what stalls me out.

I am not intending to alter my eating too much, I already do pretty well with low sugar and low carbs because of diabetes but trying new recipes is always fun for me so I’ll share those here as I move forward.  So, this is mostly going to be composed of exercise and possibly spiritual focus such as meditations.

Follow along if you wish but be forewarned, it may include photos.  hah

2015-05-05 09.12.20 2015-05-16 15.25.26

A close up face and bit of body picture taken recently.  Will see where we go from here.

The plan at this point is a post maybe 2 or 3 times per week on what I have been doing to achieve better health and if I really feel ambitious I might post weight loss measurements, but that’s asking a lot of my insecurities.

Here we go!

Week 1, Entry 1:  Yesterday was the first day of re-dedication to my health and although tired from jet lag and first day back to work I did go to the gym and did 20 minutes on the elliptical and 4 upper body weight lifting machines.  Still taking it easy with the inclines – keeping to level 1-2, stairs – avoid up but doing down stairs when available, and no leg machines yet until the knee no longer aches at all (I banged it up pretty good last month).  In bed at about 10:30 pm.  Woke this morning at 4:00 am – jet lag still kicking my butt.

Pretty sure I’m getting sick – was cold at work yesterday and have scratchy throat and runny nose this morning.  This will begin my test of not giving in to obstacles and continuing to get some exercise even if sick.  Today I am walking into town for an errand so that will suffice for my exercise today.

9 thoughts on “Diana’s Fit Club Diary

    1. Thanks! Jump on board! My first couple of days are less than stellar as I am officially down with a cold. Will do what I can but the next entry will be lacking.

  1. Am I allowed to mock you during this journey of yours? My goal will be to provide extra motivation. After all, accountability is a key ingredient to success!

    Rah rah rah, go go go!!!

    1. Sure, it may work! haha I am officially sick though so my jump into exercising has been more of a sluggish scoot.

      This is all about accountability so mock on if you wish. Just don’t hurt my feelings, I’m sensitive n stuff.

  2. I love these pictures!!! I also love your drive! You keep me motivated and in line! Hoping the cold is short lived. Thanks for these great blogs, Diana. While we may not talk every day, these are wonderful peeks inside of your world that I am missing. My coffee on your porch, the sound of you rousing and making coffee, all things in my heart forever. I will always have to visit you to see your place so I can envision you writing, living, inspiring from your corner of the universe.

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