Sisterhood of the World Blogger Award Thingy

I was nominated by skinjolee for the below "award": I don't normally do these but in an effort to support her and her new blog where she is documenting the progress of treating her hormonal acne, I'll be happy to answer her questions below. Questions She is asking: 1. What are your top 3 makeup … Continue reading Sisterhood of the World Blogger Award Thingy

A Slight Rant About Beauty

The past few months I have been really enjoying getting back into having fun with makeup again and reading beauty blogs, reviews and such. There are some fantastic products out there but I just have to have a rant about something in relation to this industry. How can you possibly justify charging what you do? … Continue reading A Slight Rant About Beauty

Diana’s Fit Club Diary

I have a few announcements to make: My cozy corner is almost finished and I will blog the finished project soon. I will be starting an Ebay sellers account to weed out some of the collected things I have been hoarding keeping for no real reason other than most of them were given to me … Continue reading Diana’s Fit Club Diary

November-December 2014 Adventures Part One

Well hello, what have I been up to lately?.... After such amazing trips in October we were super excited to jump into November knowing we were heading to Kyoto, Japan for 3 days and just after returning home we jumped on a bus to the airport for a 12 hour flight to the U.S. to … Continue reading November-December 2014 Adventures Part One

Three Week Re-Charge

Game On! Ok yes I know it's really more like Summer but for reasons I can't say or I'd have to kill you, I have a three week window right now - starting this afternoon - to do with as I fairly well please other than the four days a week when I have to … Continue reading Three Week Re-Charge