Peach Fuzz Confession

Being mostly half Sicilian and half Czech I am constantly obsessing over facial hair.  Waxing eyebrows, upper lip and plucking in between spa visits, buying new products to try them out at home to save the expense of spa’s and such.  The photo below is from my pre-eyebrow sculpting days to give you an idea of what I deal with lol.


This photo was circa 1991-ish – nice hair eh?




Over the past 20-ish years I’ve been maintaining my face fairly well, always got compliments on clear skin, even tone, great brows, and ridiculously long eyelashes.

So, here we are 2013 and I’m 40 years old.  All of a sudden I am now dealing with peach fuzz on my jaw line, and a few hairs here and there that get out of control between my chin and ear.  What the hell is going on!?!  The tweezers have never been so japan

I now have to daily inspect my face for random little blonde hairs that grow overnight sometimes.

Perhaps my husband is playing a trick on me and putting Rogaine on my face at night?

I’ll have to set up cameras, see if I can catch him.


3 thoughts on “Peach Fuzz Confession

  1. Ah, the joys of getting older. I started getting chin whiskers around your age and have to pluck the little buggers a couple of times a week. Fortunately, I’ve got a big ugly scar under one eyebrow so leave those hairs as they be. Always look for the silver lining. 😉

    1. Indeed, and I do recognize that this is just an annoyance and in the grand scheme of things really doesn’t matter, was just my random thought of the day. lol

      1. Never make excuses for what you feel like posting on your blog. It’s the one place where you’re allowed to be completely yourself and completely selfish.

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