Lazy Reader Apology

Recently I have been a very lazy blog reader.  I feel like an apology is in order to those blogs I follow for not having the patience to sit down and read your thoughts if it looks more than a few paragraphs and worse has no pictures.  There is no excuse and I feel like I’m breaking some WordPress law or something.  Or maybe just a sort of unsaid promise I have made to you, whom I normally find very interesting and largely entertaining that in following you I am promising to read your posts, “like” them if in fact I do and possibly contribute my thoughts and opinions or just a stupid comment.

I’m sure there are some amazing posts that I have skipped this last week or two but I just couldn’t focus long enough to sit down and read them.  Actually now that I’m writing this I am wondering if my new medications are in some way the culprit to my lack of focus.  It was a couple of weeks ago when I started on them.  One for hypertension and one for cholesterol.

I’ll have to keep an eye on that.

So, to those bloggers that I follow please accept my sincere apology for not reading your lengthy and well thought out posts of late.

Of course, I realize you likely don’t notice my lack of commenting but in the event my narcissistic side proves on point and you do in fact stay up late wondering why I haven’t been posting on your blogs or liking your posts lately and are sitting there wondering what possibly has gone wrong and if my lack of interest is in some way saying you are not interesting or entertaining anymore, please know it isn’t you, it’s me and I suppose every relationship sometimes just needs some space.  I’ll be back reading your wonderful, often poetic, thoughts and we’ll be stronger for it.  =P

Or, the meds are working on me and I’ll lose interest altogether.  We shall see. =D

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