Karen Miller’s “The Awakened Mage”

For some reason I got the different books in the three different series mixed up and read this before Innocent Mage which is the first book.

The story is interesting, certainly a different take on an isolated society and I enjoyed the magical and medieval-ness of it all.  However, there are some inconsistencies in Karen Miller’s writing.  For instance, I’m not positive because I wasn’t there but I’m fairly sure they didn’t say “aint” in this period, once I got passed a few of these types of inconsistencies I did enjoy the book and went on to read the first in the series.  The main “mage” character is interesting and has a crass attitude which I find infinitely witty and fun.  The final battle did not leave me disappointed, it was a bloody magical mess.

I’ll be tremendously disappointed if I find out they did say “aint” in and around the castle…somehow this image invokes Monty Python which is true hilarity and I love them but I don’t for a second think they depict England’s historic past.  Ni NI NI NI

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