Three Week Re-Charge


Game On!

Ok yes I know it’s really more like Summer but for reasons I can’t say or I’d have to kill you, I have a three week window right now – starting this afternoon – to do with as I fairly well please other than the four days a week when I have to report to work for five hours, that is.

After some contemplation I have decided to focus on a few things during this time:

1.  Losing at least five more pounds and working on my waist and upper arms – starting to sag some from weight loss and age.

2.  Implement a daily meditation routine and spiritual hour.

3.  Finish setting up house – as much as I can without my partner’s input. =P  I’m going to also be looking into Feng Shui for this part.

4.  Ritual renewal for myself, my home and my spirituality.

5.  Focus more on eating fresh fruits and vegetables and smaller portions more often.  Since starting to work out again recently, my metabolism is changing, I am feeling hungry during the day and need to snack right as well as prepare healthier meals.  The vacation portion of moving to Japan is coming to an end.  Time to get into a groove of healthy eating…excepting the occasional splurge of course.

6.  Explore and embrace pretty.  I have gotten away from the girly side the last few years and it’s time to get back to pedicures and pretty clothes, not always jeans and loose shirts.

I’m blogging this in hopes of helping me keep to it.  Most of the above are life changes, not short term fixes and I may need some motivation.

Will you, my few followers,  kick me in the ass if I waiver?

kick in the ass










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