Japanese Snacking Adventure 3 and other shady things

We went to Yokohama this weekend and there was a vendor in the mall selling dried fruit, it just sounded great at the time so I picked up a couple of small bags.


Yes, 200g is how they price these, it ended up being about $20 !!  For a few pieces of dried fruit!  These better be the most AMAZING morsels in the universe for that price.   Stupid tourists like me keep them in business.


Highway robbery I’m telling you!




We also hit 7/11 again and picked up a small dessert for each of us and a small bag of candy:

20130527_135737 20130527_135743 20130527_135828

The first is a Tiramisu, which was my dessert.

The bag is a nice, refreshing candy that I have no idea what it’s flavor actually is.

The third, fogged up a little in the refrigerator but it’s my husband’s favorite little dessert from 7/11, kind of like a strawberry shortcake.






Oh wait…you thought I was done with our 7/11 adventure, but nay!  I winked and giggled a little and convinced my husband to purchase one of the Manga Porn magazines so we could check it out.  Not what I was expecting, they have strict laws here and apparently that they have to blur out any genitalia in porn, even cartoons, so all you see is a very distinct outline. haha!  Where did I put those crayons?

The females have huge boobies and most have massive nipples, quite exaggerated.

The hardest (pun intended) part for me though was getting passed the young depictions.  A lot of the female toons looked to be in school uniforms or such.  Too young for my taste.  >.<


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