Munchie Heaven!

The snack adventure this week was a delight to my taste buds.  I have to mention the cheese flavoring in Japan.  It is so different from our American processed cheese powder.  The Cheetos and Cheese Puff snacks here are just so much better, it's hard to explain but the cheese is just awesome. YUM! Dark … Continue reading Munchie Heaven!

Japanese Snacking Adventure 3 and other shady things

We went to Yokohama this weekend and there was a vendor in the mall selling dried fruit, it just sounded great at the time so I picked up a couple of small bags. Yes, 200g is how they price these, it ended up being about $20 !!  For a few pieces of dried fruit!  These … Continue reading Japanese Snacking Adventure 3 and other shady things

Japanese Snacking Adventure 2

Stopped at the 100 Yen store this time for some sweets. It's right next to our favorite Sushi-Go-Round where we grabbed a couple of to go boxes for dinner. I snuck over to the 100 yen shop for the following:   These little gummy bites are delicious!  I am in love with this candy. It … Continue reading Japanese Snacking Adventure 2

Japanese Candy and Snack Experience

I decided with all of the different snacks and candies in Japan, most which have no English on the packaging, to try each one. This one has a strange flavor. Definitely not sweet. And has a powdery coating.  It isn’t bad but not sure I will buy this again. If you know what I just … Continue reading Japanese Candy and Snack Experience