Munchie Heaven!

The snack adventure this week was a delight to my taste buds.  I have to mention the cheese flavoring in Japan.  It is so different from our American processed cheese powder.  The Cheetos and Cheese Puff snacks here are just so much better, it’s hard to explain but the cheese is just awesome.


YUM! Dark chocolate makes this little candy ok for me to eat and the

filling is a bit minty with a hint of something else that makes it Mojito!

Subtle but delicious.








Although I’m not a huge fan of the puff, all that stuff mushes into my teeth,

but the cheese of it was awesome! Unfortunately, it was so good I ate the entire bag in one sitting.









I haven’t tried these yet but the picture just made me grab this bag.

I don’t understand it one bit….is it ice cream flavored or is it crescent

flavored and they recommend it with ice cream? Or is it like a Bugle?

I just don’t know! I’ll find out later today though.

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