Comfort Food Lamentation

I wondered what I would miss the most from the states while living abroad and it's no surprise to me that it's one thing I can't really have shipped here because it has to be kept cold.  There are a few things that have definitely been missed, such as tasso and Cajun smoked sausage and … Continue reading Comfort Food Lamentation

Munchie Heaven!

The snack adventure this week was a delight to my taste buds.  I have to mention the cheese flavoring in Japan.  It is so different from our American processed cheese powder.  The Cheetos and Cheese Puff snacks here are just so much better, it's hard to explain but the cheese is just awesome. YUM! Dark … Continue reading Munchie Heaven!

Home Alone Dinner Experimenting

I tend to try my hand at creating a meal without a recipe when I find myself home alone and don't have to use my husband as a test subject.  Tonight I put together a pasta dish that actually turned out pretty tasty. 2 spicy italian sausage links sliced 2 sweet italian sausage links sliced … Continue reading Home Alone Dinner Experimenting