Eww Raw Fish!

When friends and family heard we were going to live in Japan for 3 years I had a mixture of reactions.  Most were super excited and some said they would make the trip to come visit.  Then there were a few who cringed and said "Eww Raw Fish!  I would starve to death in Japan!" … Continue reading Eww Raw Fish!

Italian Dinner in Japan

Sounds a bit odd, Italian dinner in Japan, right?  Well, I was very skeptical, so far our experiences with pizza and pasta here has been ok but not particularly Italian if you know what I mean.  Putting Ketchup on spaghetti does not qualify and the pizza's here are definitely different.  Not to mention I was … Continue reading Italian Dinner in Japan

Home Alone Dinner Experimenting

I tend to try my hand at creating a meal without a recipe when I find myself home alone and don't have to use my husband as a test subject.  Tonight I put together a pasta dish that actually turned out pretty tasty. 2 spicy italian sausage links sliced 2 sweet italian sausage links sliced … Continue reading Home Alone Dinner Experimenting