Italian Dinner in Japan

Sounds a bit odd, Italian dinner in Japan, right?  Well, I was very skeptical, so far our experiences with pizza and pasta here has been ok but not particularly Italian if you know what I mean.  Putting Ketchup on spaghetti does not qualify and the pizza’s here are definitely different.  Not to mention I was a bit spoiled growing up with a Sicilian Mother who could cook.  So, we went to the local joint we heard about with caution.  To our surprise we found it really nice, food was really quite good and the ambiance was candle light and wine.

Gohan on Blue Street above Gold’s Gym:

Started with our own booth, a little candle light and these crunchy little sticks that were well salted.



The husband ordered a mixed berry soda, that has berries in it and a press.  I ordered a white sparkling sangria.

While we were waiting to order food I noticed the light above us.  They use wine glasses with the bottom cut out.












For appetizer we shared a bacon wrapped asparagus plate, delicious but I didn’t manage to take a photo.



The husband ordered a spicy chicken pizza that was very dark and a photo was not going to happen but here is the roast duck with orange sauce and mushroom with melted cheese that I ordered.  It was excellent and the mushroom must have been HUGE!







For dessert we shared a home-made Tiramisu.  I was a bit scared to see what the Japanese might do to one of my favorite desserts but they banged it out!



We were pleasantly full and walked home with a smile on our faces….








Which quickly turned to a bit of a scowl when I got inside.  The high humidity had my brow completely covered in moisture in the 20 minute walk from town to our apartment.  Mind you, this was at about 9:00 pm. at night.


Those are my bangs wet enough for me to pull off my face…


That’s me with a scowl…arrrr

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