Snack Adventure Time

Recent grabs from walk-a-bouts over the last week or two:



These are jelly type candies, very fruity and refreshing.  I prefer to grab something like this if I have a sweet tooth.

Only a small amount of guilt with each one.







A kind of Veggie chip, not bad at all.










Ritz bits with orange creme filling.  Yum!  But not indulging in these again, it was just a grab for the blog.  Too many carbs there.









Salty and Sweet!   Caramel drizzled potato chips WHAT!?







20130907_180509When we were in Yokohama last weekend we found a Daeie (department store with grocery) that had a Halloween display with all kinds of snacks and candies.  These were my least favorite, rather bland really.  I think it’s supposed to be fried chicken flavored but I didn’t get that.

I have no idea how these snacks are related to Halloween other than the packaging.



Grab #2 from the Halloween display.






Grab #3..Not sure what this was meant to taste like.





We picked up two bags of these little yummy gems.  Pumpkin Pudding Kit Kat!   YUM!  I had one to try it, the rest are in the candy jar for the husband and the second bag went to his work. haha








These are sandwiches that are fresh made and are only good for 2-3 days.  They have many different fillings.  Some have meat, I had one that was sweet potato (the one on the bottom) and even a matcha (I assume-the top left one) that my husband tried and said was very good.

Great for throwing in the backpack if not planning on stopping at a restaurant during the day.  Nice to take to work too but I will only do these now and then as they are white bread.




These were quite good, kind grilled flavored.






I went shopping on my own last Monday and had a great time.  Found a small snack and candy shop so I grabbed a few things. 


I thought this was a small box of candy shaped like the things on the box.  Nope, it was a small plastic display haha








I also grabbed these, I like strawberry.  They are little strips of candy, flavor is good but definitely not cake haha!









I had to try different flavors of these since I had the corn potage one.  They are a bit awkward to eat to be honest.  Kind of messy but nice when you need a little salt and crunch.






I didn’t buy any of these but saw them in a deli counter in one of the grocery stores here.  Because when you have left over spaghetti you put it in a hoagie and call it lunch apparently.  I have no idea what the other sandwiches are.  I WILL try these one day.  I MUST and at 128 yen they are a bargain!





This weekend’s grab are:




Yep, that’s shrimp flavored.  I’m a little intimidated to try these but I will get into them today.



No idea what the flavor is meant to be, will maybe try these tomorrow while we sit out the rain from the tropical storm that is heading for us.  The base is calling it a typhoon but it’s just going to be a tropical storm I think.



Grabbed these too, the husband loves the strawberry Kit Kats…we’ll be sending a box or two to his daughter in the states too.   =)







Feel free to send me ideas and suggestions for the snack blog.



6 thoughts on “Snack Adventure Time

  1. Grab #3 is pumpkin au gratin flavored. And the mystery chips are buttered fish eggs. Delighted to see that you are being so adventurous in your snacking. Or should I be worried?

    1. lol no worries, my stomach is pretty strong. Just need to cut back on the carbs a bit. So many potato chips and only 2.5 years more to try them lol Thanks for the info!

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