Relief is in Sight and Other Thoughts










Yokosuka, Japan was cold and windy when we arrived in late February, windy and rainy in April and May, windy rainy and getting hot in June, miserably nasty hot in July, August and the first week of September.  The last week or so has been completely bearable … in fact I would go so far as to say it’s been downright nice.  Still a bit warm for my taste but not intolerable.  80’s or so in the shade and with a breeze is totally doable.  I’m hoping this is the beginning of the end of Summer though some locals have said Summer would stick around till the end of September.

This depiction is very close to the truth on a windy day here.

Please, to all the Gods and anyone else who has any pull with Mother Nature, let this be the beginning of Autumn and the end of the misery that has been gripping this area for two months now.

I feel like a complete wuss you know.  Growing up in Tucson, Arizona where 105 was the norm during the Summer and spending many years in Florida, Georgia and Virginia where it gets stinking hot and humid has not prepared me for the stifling heat that hovers over this area.

On a slightly different note but still to do with Japan and relief, did you know that the guards at the back gate of the Yokosuka Naval Base often have incense burning?  It’s such a pleasant way to head into the City.  Rather like passing through a portal of a sort, well for those of us with a sci fi type imagination that is.  Actually, now that I think about it I wonder why they do that?  Is there some odor they are trying to ensure is not detected?  Is it some ritual they are following?  Why do some use it and others don’t?  These are all questions I intend to research and find answers to.


Interesting (to me) side note to that:  the blogger I borrowed the photo from has an interesting blog, I’ll have to check it out more in a few minutes.  The link is attached to the photo.




A completely separate observation and probably stereotyping here but from what I have seen and the limited knowledge I have of the body types and fine hair of the Japanese people it completely threw me for a loop to see one of the fighters at a cage match in Yokohama had a hairy back.  I pointed it out to my husband and he said naw, that’s just shadow from the lighting…we both focused harder…nope that’s a hairy back on a Japanese man.  Just found it unusual is all.  Out of the kindness of my heart and love for my followers I will abstain from posting a photo or graphic depicting a hairy back.

The photos/graphics borrowed here are linked to the web page where they were found.

7 thoughts on “Relief is in Sight and Other Thoughts

      1. I was quite sure it was. Incense isn’t popular in Japan.
        But 蚊取り線香 (mosquito coil-style repellent) is very common in the summer.

        BTW, you have an interpreter?

        1. Yes, I work on base for a department that deals with spouses and quite a few here are Japanese so we have an interpreter that comes in twice a week to sit in on appointments. She is a great resource, I pick her brain about a lot of things. lol

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