Comfort Food Lamentation

I wondered what I would miss the most from the states while living abroad and it’s no surprise to me that it’s one thing I can’t really have shipped here because it has to be kept cold.  There are a few things that have definitely been missed, such as tasso and Cajun smoked sausage and crawfish but we are making do to some extent.  I found some sausage here that makes a decent red beans and rice and we can do dirty rice.  The husband even made a version of sauce picante.  The one thing I miss the most just can’t be duplicated here, at least not that I’ve found yet.

When I’m sad, happy, needing comfort, needing something gooey, hot and easy to prepare, it’s there…in the refrigerated isle at the grocery store.  Usually in stacks down in the bin but sometimes in it’s very own row on the wall.  I can eat the entire tub in one sitting, in fact I usually do.  It’s just enough to get me to that happy, stuffed but not overly stuffed feeling and inertia soon follows.

All it takes is removing the lid, peeling the film back, heat for an exact two and a half minutes in the microwave, stir it, heat another two and a half minutes then dig in with as much gusto as possible without burning the tongue in the process.  Five minutes gives it that not quite burnt edging on the top that is just ridiculously yummy.

My husband knows the drill, in fact sometimes when he would pick up groceries he’d surprise me with a tub and we both knew what was happening for dinner.  He had what he calls his rot-gut pizza (Totino’s frozen kind) and I had my tub of awesomeness.

If I was feeling extra comfort was needed I didn’t use a spoon to eat it with, I used Nacho Cheese Doritos to scoop it out.

Don’t judge me.

So, it will be a year without this love of my life soon and I’ve tried other varieties, brands and even some restaurant efforts but nobody has come close here in Japan yet.  The commissary here has their version they keep hot for quick lunch grabs and honestly it’s not bad but it’s not the same either.  I have considered trying to make it myself but I’m scared ok….what if I can’t make it right or even close?  and possibly worse…what if I can!

You see, this delicious tub of hot love is also high in carbs … not the slow burning kind that a diabetic needs but more like the type every Italian home is piled with.  I could try a diabetic friendly version but something tells me it will fall short and make me miss the tub even more.

If the company ever discontinues this, it will be a sad day indeed.

I will share this secret with you but I ask that you respect it and if you have not tried it, please have a taste before you disparage!

arrow-blue-outline-rightmac n cheese








Do you have a certain comfort food you miss?


9 thoughts on “Comfort Food Lamentation

  1. I usually make chicken and noodles from scratch during my Christmas to New Year’s break. There is something special about thick and fresh egg noodles in a thick chicken gravy. That reminds me — I need to make sure I use less onions in the broth this year.

  2. You will never, ever get over it. Trust me. I speak from experience. My once lengthy list of things American that I couldn’t live without has shrunk, but I still long for good Mac and Cheese. I have a great recipe that I use, sort of a Mac and Custard Cheese, but nothing will ever replace that uniquely sticky, gooey American taste. Accept that you will continue to long for it for the rest of your life. Sad but true.

    1. Suppose so, I’ll just have to get my fill while visiting the states, when I get back there. =)

      I may try my hand at making it. Will let you know if it gets close. lol

  3. I completely understand. When I lived in Mexico I would crave the strangest things, and for some reason became fixated on “Oriental” flavor Ramen noodles. It doesn’t matter how it tastes; it matters that it makes you happy!

  4. Haha! You poor thing. I’ve never had this particular dish of wonder, BUT I know that when I was in China I missed cheese of all kinds… I dreamt of it… and of those hershey toffee almond nuggets. *sigh* I was able to hit up the import store for Nutella though, which made up for basically every ill plaguing my life.

    I’ll have to grab this next time I’m at the grocery store. In your honor.

    1. We are fairly low on cheeses here too, I’m adjusting best I can. =P

      I hope you like it as much as I do!! Or maybe not as much because yeh….that was unhealthy. But a lot!

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