There is a Pill for That



The doctor thinks my sore feet are actually damaged nerves which is a symptom of diabetes in some cases so, of course he said I have a pill for that.  You just take it three times a day and it should take care of the sore and cramping feet.

Three times a day?  Sheesh!

He also was not very happy with my A1C at 6.3 and so I’m now taking two pills at night and one in the morning for that.  *sigh*

6.3 is actually pretty good, it’s diabetes but not extreme.  If I get it under 6.0 I hope to be able to cut the pills back some.

I am still on the fish oil three times a day and two daily pills for cholesterol and one for hypertension.

Add to that my multi-vitamin and the pill cocktail is getting quite impressive.

Shaken Not Stirred Please.
Shaken Not Stirred Please.










The sarcasm is my hiding the fact that this pisses me off and scares me a bit.  It’s also motivating I suppose…. I must make it so.

This crap needs to get kicked and soon.





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3 thoughts on “There is a Pill for That

  1. Knock on wood, I don’t take any medications, but the pile my husband goes through every day is impressive…and a little depressing.

    Dunno if this will help, but try taking a teaspoon of rough mustard and elevating your feet.

  2. Do you notice any benefits with the fish oil? There’s a somewhat popular theory that cholesterol pills don’t do anything. Stantins I think.

    1. It’s rather hard to say which is working and which is not, I have been on a statin and the fish oil both but yes one or both worked. When I first was tested it was so high they could not get a reading of the LDL, now it’s down enough to track and while still a bit high it’s manageable now.

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