The Week of June

Well I managed to survive the week of June without much incident. From Father's Day through the 20th was a tough week and is every year, so much so that the rest of June seems incredibly insignificant. The Solstice came and went without much fuss and to my disappointment. I do this to myself.  My … Continue reading The Week of June

Thursday Shenanigans

I woke up yesterday in a pretty darn good mood.  Had a funny conversation with a great friend who always makes me laugh and brightens my day - *cough*Shirley*cough* then was off to start my work day.  Walking to work was amazing, the cool crisp Autumn air was uplifting and I smiled all the way … Continue reading Thursday Shenanigans

There is a Pill for That

PILLS PILLS AND MORE PILLS! The doctor thinks my sore feet are actually damaged nerves which is a symptom of diabetes in some cases so, of course he said I have a pill for that.  You just take it three times a day and it should take care of the sore and cramping feet. Three … Continue reading There is a Pill for That

What! No Streamers, Baloons or Kazoos? Cake?

How can it be that a full year has passed since I started this blogging thing? It's not that I don't believe WordPress and it's little notification, it just doesn't feel like a year.  When I think back, the blogging started when we found out we were moving to Japan and I had to weed … Continue reading What! No Streamers, Baloons or Kazoos? Cake?

Will Power Fail – Sugar Detox Update – Week 3

Ok Ok I will come clean.  I cheated this weekend a little bit.  We went out for Yakiniku and I simply couldn't resist using Soy Sauce to dip the meat into and today I finally gave in to the crunchy carb craving and finished off what was left of a small bag of Japanese rice … Continue reading Will Power Fail – Sugar Detox Update – Week 3

Sugar Detox Early Days

On day three of the sugar detox and doing well, other than the malicious knee jerk in the middle of the night. My diet so far: Monday:  2 scrambled eggs for breakfast, small handful of almonds and sunflower seeds around 11:00, lamb rolls and raw carrots/broccoli for lunch, last of the lamb rolls and vegetables … Continue reading Sugar Detox Early Days

July Sugar Detox and Mind/Body Rehab

Starting Monday, July 1st, 2013 and continuing till July 21st I will be doing a sugar detox.  What is that you ask?  Well basically it is cleansing the body of sugar and carbohydrates and breaking the cycle of cravings and bad go-to snacking habits.  With trying to rid myself of type 2 diabetes this detox … Continue reading July Sugar Detox and Mind/Body Rehab

Diabetes = I Kill You!

Newest blood work is back from the lab,  I'm not unhappy with the results. A1C - which is the average of the last few months of blood glucose control came in at 6.1 which is really very good.  From WebMD:  "For people without diabetes, the normal range for the hemoglobin A1c test is between 4% … Continue reading Diabetes = I Kill You!