Will Power Fail – Sugar Detox Update – Week 3

Ok Ok I will come clean.  I cheated this weekend a little bit.  We went out for Yakiniku and I simply couldn’t resist using Soy Sauce to dip the meat into and today I finally gave in to the crunchy carb craving and finished off what was left of a small bag of Japanese rice crackers that had been on the counter for 2 weeks waiting for me to finish this detox.  I gave in OK!?!

Once you step off the wagon, you hit the floor.  I also had a very small piece of Japanese candy.

I feel horrible for doing it and worse I am scared that it has opened the door to more infidelity.

My excuse…mostly, it is because I had an energy crash this weekend.  Full on fatigue set in and I wanted to do absolutely nothing but watch movies and snack.  I fought it off Saturday but Sunday I just had to have those few crackers and something sweet….small though they were still I feel like hell for my weakness.

Tomorrow I may need to cheat a bit too, I’m meeting someone for lunch in town and the options are limited at the cafe’ we are going to.  I’ll try my best but there may be some carbs being ingested.

Fail Sugar Detox Week 3.

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